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A Costly Road to 62 MPG (12/16/10)

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Thu, 16 Dec 2010|


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning welcome to first shift for this Thursday December 16. I'm Automotive News editor Jason Stein sitting in this week for Jennifer wrong. Straight ahead we'll tell you which brands and models are tops when it comes to resell value. But we'll start off with a morning headlines. This is paper sickle in the newsroom. The US senate has approved -- 850 billion dollar tax bill house vote is expected today. The bill caps the estate tax at 35%. With an exemption five million dollars for individuals. But as the Detroit news reports it does not extend the government's five year old tax credit of up to 4000 dollars for certain hybrid. Clean diesel and natural gas vehicles. And this also from the Detroit news the US house may consider a slimmed down version of the auto safety bill this week that bill grew out of the Toyota recall crisis. General Motors has completed its two point one billion dollar buyback of preferred stock issued to the US government. The Treasury Department says the repurchase brings GM's total repayments to US taxpayers to 23 point one billion dollars. That includes thirteen point five billion from the auto maker's initial public offering the US stake in GM is now about 33%. -- -- has launched an electric vehicle demo program California. The city of Torrance Stanford university and Google will each test and electric fit beginning next year. The vehicles estimated ranges 100 miles on a full charge. The city also will test the plugin hybrid in 2012. Here you see in a court plugin. The gasoline powered -- also in the news -- is recalling more than a million globally because of defective wiring in the headlights. In New Jersey Wednesday retired airline pilot Jeffrey -- became the first retail customer in the nation to take delivery of -- Chevy -- The volt is in the running for North American car of the year honors. More of that we'll have the three car truck finalists on our afternoon show. -- -- If the US requires auto maker fleets to average 62 miles per gallon by 20/20 five it could -- 9000 dollars to the price of the average new vehicle. And that's sticker shock could cost the US auto industry 220000. Jobs and millions of units of lost sales and production. That's the conclusion of a new study by the Center for Automotive Research. On Wednesday cart chief economist Sean Michael -- call for federal agencies to back off the preliminary proposal. I think he does so with a higher pill -- that been discussed. But EPA admits -- such a 62 miles per gallon. Or even anything close to fifteen miles per gallon are far too much. For us to maintain an auto industry. Back to -- argues that the added cost of highly fuel efficient vehicles could backfire. Especially if consumer stick to older thirsty your models. Doing so would thwart the government's push for a greener fleet. There's been a -- gets. Better fuel economy because the fleet will turn over faster. At lower fuel economy and its and they weren't higher fuel economy mandates where people just walk by -- The car study estimates a lower standard of 42 miles per gallon would increase vehicle prices far less. Meanwhile Kelley blue book is out it's when he eleven best resale value awards Subaru came out on top for best resale value brand. And BMW took top honors in the luxury brand category now -- awards recognize current and forthcoming vehicles for their projected retained value. Five years from now in the top ten models category vehicles from Audi BMW. Honda -- Lexus. Subaru and Toyota were represented. -- we thank you for watching remember breaking news is available all day long -- auto Take care and we'll see you tomorrow.

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    Hello Jennifer here with this Friday's first checked. Coming up eighth report and the history of sheet. Let's begin with the headlines. This is Leslie Allen and then news room. Jaguar CX 75. The hybrid super car that stole the spotlight at the Paris auto show last fall. Will become reality and late 2013. Jaguar today announcing plans to build a production version of the car just 200 will be built its funny fifteen. Some other numbers it would have a top speed of 200 miles per hour. And hit sixty miles per hour and less than three seconds. Buyers will pay about one point one million dollars. China says some US made vehicles have benefited from unfair subsidies. And its own auto makers have suffered as a result. An investigation by the country's commerce ministry. Centered on whether US car companies had been helped by incentives and tax breaks. Granted by the state of Michigan. And the federal government at the expense of China's auto makers. China says it won't impose any anti dumping duty at least for now. is telling dealers in Canada that sales of Toyota brand vehicles well plunged by as much as a third over the next three months. The reason. Car shortages stemming from the march earthquake. That's according to the globe and mail newspaper. Which dealers who took part in a company wet test. And a separate them all to dealers Toyota Canada said this month's target is 111500. Sales. That's down from 16100461. In May of last year. Toyota declining to discuss any numbers if spokeswoman told the paper quote. We put out targets all the time the dealers use both as a guide and work to exceed them. It's been seven decades since the US government. First auto makers to build more personal vehicle to help in the nation's war effort. Back then Cuba's World War II. The response to America's request has become what the world now knows as sheet. To celebrate the anniversary the won't be a museum in suburban Detroit is running and here's a cheat exhibit. Our Byron Trimble steps back in time in this report. I can go trails there'll jungle trails you've put parachute on it thrown on the back for an airplane for the paratroopers. It lives Normandy beaches we really it did everything that was asked to do it more. Chrysler archivist Brant Rosen bush is talking about the 1943. Overland and be. A vehicle many believe was one of the most important tools in World War II. And in the history of modern warfare. It was a fast light vehicle that really replace more cycle and the horse for. return duty from will be a following taxi to carrying munitions to be troop carriers. They even uses altars on Sunday mornings. While the 1943 G and B is celebrated for a troll on world war two and is one of the more. Popular attractions in the museum's permanent collection is predecessor in the 1941. In eight. Is the star the seven years of G celebration. Downstairs. This is the prototype that Overland put up against Ford and American in a bid to be US military's primary quiet vehicle. It's also the origin. A this particular piece of history was found in 2001. Rusting away at a farm in Washington State's. extremely rare vehicle they only 18100 or so these vehicles. To our knowledge there's about point restore examples in the world only eight are here United States F. the war. is Overland motors trademarked the Jeep name the company saw the potential for everyday use among consumers. The auto maker quickly came out with a CJ short for civilian G. Flash forward 1987 when Chrysler purchase the brand after seeing the success of 84 Jeep Cherokee. And the transformation from military to multi purpose vehicle one is complete. So pure lifestyle vehicle you know for war to all work through what really to play. The exhibit runs through the end of the year for first shift in Auburn Hills, Michigan iron Trimble. Byron tells us now is quite sure where that name originated. Many believe it came from it I heard you featuring actor named Eugene G. And we and they show perch yet but notes. Thirteen years ago tomorrow. Larry announced a marriage of equals with Chrysler. And that is our show thanks for watching. You on Monday.

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    Sure card you'll still end with a handshake but remember when stuck with one now they start on line where your customers are researching. Everything about their future car purchase including you if your dealerships reputation as being discussed don't you wanna be part of the conversation.

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    Settings of the future follow auto makers meet their transportation needs. It might be America's we'll hear from the people on the front the design. Thanks for joining us on this Friday I'm Jesse Snyder sitting in for Tom back. Michelin has issued a challenge look at the city of 2046. Some 35 years down the road from a design perspective. Experts from Ford Chrysler GM. College for Creative Studies tackled the issue and a presentation yesterday to the automotive press association. Designers see opportunities ranging from small electric vehicles to new forms of mass transit and even completely autonomous vehicles. They say future vehicles will be smart enough to communicate with each other and avoid crashes. And so you had vehicles talking to each other to the point where they never you know much like magnets never got closer. You know ten to each other than you don't need all that extra way you don't have to do vehicles that have. Envelope wheels and tires and bumpers that this tremendous opportunities for design freedom flexibility and choice of materials that can use. Chris early bird is GM's director of advanced vehicle concepts. He says design will continue to be away to differentiate manufacturers from one another. But will the still mean as much to drivers. opiates Belsky says drivers are already starting to see vehicles as more of an appliance to get from point a to point B. And it's a mobility device if you will. We'll bring you more design perspective next week on our morning show for shift with Jennifer long. Also player Bausch expects to resume full production in Japan by September that according to North America chief Peter marks. Marks telling Bloomberg output has fallen less than 50% since the march 11 earthquake. Bausch also planning to add 1000 jobs in North America. Sweden Russia and China what do they have in common. If you said sob you're right. Automotive News executive editor Edward Latham explores the connection in this week's commentary. Hey have you heard the one about the Swedish carmaker of the Russian investor in the little known Chinese auto company that walk into a bank. No seriously folks who would have thought that victor Muller could line up investments in Russia and China keeps He gets high marks for determination. I understand what's in it for smaller and sob but I can't figure out what the Chinese and the Russians really wanna take away from the deal. It could be technology. Or the factory. Or maybe they're just trying to a well known brand at a bargain price. Look it's a good thing that victor Muller still wants to keep sob alive. But in this game of international finance he'd better keep his wits about him and his lawyers nearby. I Edward lapels and that's how I see it. Thanks said Automotive News editor Jason Stein is standing by now with a look at Monday's print edition Jason. Thanks Jesse profits changing market share and shift to small cars it's all coming on Monday. In the digital and print editions of Automotive News we're working on a big picture snapshot of all things changing in the industry. The Detroit three are on the rise in more ways than one. All this week we heard about profits and increased sales on Monday will look at the outlook for the rest of the year when it comes to changing mixing grabbing share. It's not just Detroit three story. The Koreans are on terror as well and store the German brands we step back and look at the winners and losers in a world it's looking a bit different. How different. You'll have to come back to find out. Also we'll do our annual talk from the top with North American bosses at involved and we'll examine a different kind of American Idol Jessica thanks Jason. And that is our show for today you can find us on Twitter at auto news TV. We'll see you back here on