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Dealer Ernesto Ancira on handing the family business to his daughter

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Thu, 9 Jun 2011|

Ernesto Ancira was among the first dealers in the San Antonio region to use television to advertise the cars on his showroom floor. His daughter April is now applying that pioneering spirit to the world of social media.


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And it's. -- yeah. Welcome to the dealer speaks I'm Tom -- back. Selling cars in many cases is a family business. Practice passed down from one generation to the next. It's even more unique when the dealer's daughter is preparing to take the reins. Our look at daughters were following their fathers continues now with a trip to in cigarette enterprises in San Antonio. That's for the family has been in continues to be on the cutting edge when it comes to moving the medal. At first car. L is where adamantly. An energy -- -- if you will that made April and -- fall in love with the car business. And industry her father and that's still and her back in 1972. When He took control of a struggling GM dealership. -- nest so new to the automotive world team with a longtime general manager of that store. And the pair quickly revved up the sales staff of San Antonio is struggling Chevy dealership. It was a matter of motivating their pride getting them back in action and and write that first month by the end of may we had become number one from being number four. Employees played a key role in the store's new success. And so did marketing. In the early seventies -- dealers primarily advertised in print. Butter and asked -- who had a strong marketing background took a more aggressive route. Television and zero -- Chevrolet. You'll be glad we got together these animated commercials of NC era in his business partner at the time Ralph Wynton. Mark the beginning of dozens of TV spots that would later feature members of the NC her family. Including April. That's about right here hair back behind and keep it to this day in the answer is still advertised on radio and television. But April in Syria is particularly aggressive when it comes to social media sites like FaceBook and Twitter. It just didn't narrow I have about 30000 dollars catch that post from a potential customer. April read several day. In while she's learned FaceBook and Twitter are meant to be direct selling tools. Simply making herself available to buyers leads to sales. And you five cards on just -- He faced but. And not approaching anyone in that indirect approach to generating business has allowed the company to experiment with its own social media site. And -- community dot com. It's a face but for answer employees customers those it's -- video that. Wanna know what's going on with just talked to other people involved with cars part. Oh -- from the TV cameras and computer monitors thirty year old April company vice president continues to learn the business and overcome certain challenges. If anything I found it more difficult to be young in this industry. And it is to be -- -- bothered us though who is grooming April to take the Helm of answer enterprises. Says his daughter. It's paid her dues she started from the bottom started. And students sales started service she's been in the parts department treatment clerical. And so she's done it on our own it she's game everybody's respect which I think is really -- to bring you -- In organization and -- that still wins here at his built into the nation's 82 largest dealership group. With sales of 461. Million dollars in one in ten. By the way April better husband at the National Automobile Dealers Association dealers academy. He's currently the general manager of the answer a -- store. If you like to see part one of our series about daughters following in their father's footsteps. Check out our conversation with Steve and Jessica Jermaine under the video section on auto That is are tied for today thanks so much for watching we'll see you soon.

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