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Nov. Winners, Losers (12/2/11)

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Fri, 2 Dec 2011|

Nov. winners, losers | Honda widens recall | Navigation nightmare


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's -- Friday edition or fifth I'm Leslie Allen and to date for Jennifer bond. Later in the show navigation frustration. First stop your headline. Let's start with a look at yesterday's US sales highlights for November by brand. The biggest winners -- these Smart which nearly doubled sales it was followed by Chrysler many. Jeep and Mercedes-Benz. Itself. The biggest declines much smaller numbers here Suzuki down 22%. Then jaguar. Lincoln Subaru and Mitsubishi. Total US sales rose 14%. That most the largest percentage gain since April. The seasonally adjusted annual sales rate. Thirteen point six million the strongest since -- cash for clunkers and sentenced more than two years ago. Safety unions now Honda's biggest ever recall isn't growing. The auto maker is calling back an additional 9171000. Vehicles worldwide. 273000. In the US to fix offs related to air Beck's. Bloomberg says the latest move brings the total to more than two point 77 million vehicles. The recall affects some of Honda's most popular models from the 2001. To 2003 model years. Including the accord civic. Odyssey. Accurate T Al and accuracy now. In addition. About 640. Arab -- service parts were sold for installation in vehicles brought in for collision repair and other services. Honda will inspect 603000. Such vehicles. In the US. And so barrel of America halted sales of money twelve Impreza legacy and outback models late last month. Following customer complaints about increased brake pedal travel. Parent company Fuji heavy industries. Says it is recalling about 3000 cars already sold and delivered. The company received about 130 reports of faulty brakes and come aren't the problem on three vehicles. But says the -- work. A legal win for Toyota. A judge in California dismissed a lawsuit brought by vehicle owners and fourteen other countries. The -- claim their cars lost value because the Japanese auto maker mishandled reports of unintended acceleration. Finally GM says it will -- Chevy volts from any owner worried that the car is a fire risk. This as the US investigates the volt lithium ion battery. The offer is an addition to GM's move this week to offer loners the 6000 US volt owners. Separately GM CEO Dan Akerson told Reuters the auto maker may redesign the vehicles battery to address safety concerns. GPS units if you're like me and you tend to get lost time that time they can be a lifesaver. But when -- comes the factory in stock nav units JD power says they're getting more more frustrating to use. Is -- youth has been a problem for ten years that's powers and Bernhard. But now. Now we're adding levels of complexity to it with the integration. You're HVAC control from multimedia controls here you know your vehicle settings. Yeah -- applications. Or -- their own books or adding more to it and we never got ease of -- right. When we started. Barnhart says some of the biggest trouble spots are using voice controls and finding the desired menu. However some GPS systems stand about the -- Ranked the highest since satisfaction. But Garmin -- systems and the Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300. In in the Hyundai Genesis coupe and navigation unit developed by Hyundai moments. And now it first shift but not. -- college sweetheart viewed let's do this let's. Thanks to campaign like this I don't I have to feed the big job in the world of racing. Yesterday it received its money eleven NASCAR marketing achievement award. And that in this week the person JB is back on Monday have a great weekend.

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