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Jousting for Market Share (12/16/11)

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Fri, 16 Dec 2011|

Jousting for U.S. market share | M-B names U.S. chief | Lincoln's own ad agency


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks for stopping by on Friday I'm Jennifer fine. A market share fights are just defender has -- DTL coming up but first here's what's making news. And Buchanan on the vice president marketing for Mercedes-Benz in promotion and at Mercedes-Benz USA. Steve can in his -- VP of marketing and 2000 fad and will become president and CEO in January 1. -- -- -- -- -- -- was abruptly fired in October for alleged misuse of company funds. That fifty year old can and is only the second American indeed become CEO of the US units. The other Mike Jackson who now heads AutoNation. Forward it which is trying to reach your pretty its Lincoln brand has created it what it calls a luxury oriented boutique agency. They shop will handle Lincoln advertising exclusively. The new agency is being set up in partnership with team Detroit which is handled ads for both of Ford and Lincoln brand. And an update on two stories from yesterday's program. GM reversed plans to resume Chevy cruise production at an Ohio plant last night. The auto maker halted work Monday because of an unspecified parts shortage. In in -- and it stops nominee to replace guy will follow at court administrator Lars Henry Anderson and turn down the job. Instead at the company named eight different lawyer Larson -- it. Swedish court is due to decide Monday. Whether to keep protecting his from creditors. Many people anticipate marketing battle as they restock Toyota and Honda try to recapture lost market share. But are just and Snyder says wait they're smaller. -- a. For everybody expects a tussle when Toyota and Honda fully restock from the Japan quake can -- floods and go after the market share they lost last summer. But even more pieces of the pie are at stake. Tracking registration data Anthony proud of our -- polls these six reasons why everybody's jousting for market share. Let's come off. One Japanese trouble recent warranty and supply issues mean Toyota and Honda buyer loyalty has slipped a bit. To orphan owner's bed is for Detroit went owners of Pontiac Saturn Mercury Saab and Hummer next go shopping. Pres cites the Oldsmobile precedent. Healthy goals 60% of owners start with GM next time devils' only 40% stake. Three aging guards average US vehicle -- our record ten point seven years old. Buyers are keeping cars longer but brand loyalty peaks at 46%. On three your world trade it. If falls to 40%. At eight years. For more competition. New competitors more quality products equals market fragmentation. Pratt says top ten brands today hold 76% of the market. But they'll lose five share points by 2018. Five faster Kate it's. New models sell best but the pace of next in an all new launches is accelerating. From 75 and 2009236. By 2013. Six -- Peter Pan generation under thirties are buying fewer cars the usual explanation is kids want Smartphones not cars. Brett looks at their massive and then under employment and says now they just can't afford cars yet. And for this generation brand loyalty is not established. Bottom line every brand has -- fresh opportunities for conquest. And also new chances to be unseated. Let the games Begin Jennifer. Think Jesse. Now what's the best auto plant in the Chrysler Fiat that's. Starring North America according to CEO Sergio mark you know me if this modernize and south of Naples which makes that Fiat panda. That innately and a plant is he your first in Italy great so flexible work rules that story AP's. Finally if first shift but notes turning fifty think today is Steve saint Angelo. He's Toyota's head of engineering and manufacturing. In North America. And that and this week -- first -- enjoy your weekend and we'll see you back here on Monday.

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