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Detroit Auto Show Day 1 (1/9/12)

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Mon, 9 Jan 2012|

Detroit Auto Show Day 1 | Top honors for Elantra | Fusion, Dart take stage | Jetta goes for green


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dose of dazzle in Detroit. The North American International Auto Show is under way. Wall to wall coverage next on the auto news now. Would like to welcome you inside Cobo Center here in downtown Detroit. I'm Tom -- back it is press preview day number one and we have so much to show you. But let's get things started with the North American car and truck of the year -- The North American car of the year. For -- well. It's a Hyundai Elantra. The Elantra topping the Ford Focus and Volkswagen besides. -- Hyundai John -- What's great about this is the Elantra is right in the heart of our market it's in our sweet spot and have that validation. For a car like this one against great competitors like the Ford Focus decree is the -- to grow and it's an amazingly competitive segment. To have this honor feels really really it. Hyundai you'll also one North American car of the year in 2009. For the Genesis. Now we're top truck. -- -- incredibly long list. Awards already the Land Rover Range Rover people. The vote. Beating out the BM WX three and Honda CRV. It's -- trusted list apart from brown and says that message that will close look tree capability. A fuel efficiency couple we've achieved it will ultimately. The winners by the way are selected by some fifty journalists from across the US. And Canada. More than 5000 journalists from around the globe are you to see product. Specifically world debuts and hey it's been awhile since hundreds and hundreds of journalists packed here and for our dog's debut. That was the case today with -- 113 Dodge -- It is -- -- first compact -- since get this the neon. It features lots of -- -- -- a wide stance in three engine options it sits on a modified Fiat platform. I think people traditionally have purchased small cars this is a bit of just basic transportation everything from me. -- we wanted to do -- this car is great features and benefits for the compact car segment. Have never wars is not have people -- to a sensitive manner it's side. The dark will battle high volume heavyweights including the Ford Focus and Honda Civic it goes on sale in the second quarter. Cross town rival Ford unveiling its redesigned 2013 fusion today. It will come in gasoline. Hybrid and plug in hybrid variations. Ford says the vehicle we'll try to take more market share away from the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. Here's -- global boss Alamo while. We will have the most fuel efficient vehicle lineup in our company's history. The 2013 fusion goes on sale in the second half of the year. BMW taking the wraps off the redesigned three series today and end the active hybrid which is based on the five series today at. Chevrolet using feedback from hundreds of young people. To come up with this pair of concept -- which could go -- is low is 191000. Dollars. This year of one point four liter Turbo charged engine the same one used in the show these -- Both concept cars would get at least forty miles per gallon on the highway. One a rear wheel drive who inspired by shut these performance heritage. The other a front drive hatchback that Chevy calls affordable exotic. Continuing its -- thing should be also showing the Turbo -- one in thirteen sonic RS. These -- meantime they're showing off its pathfinder concept. Nissan hopes the vehicle which hits showrooms this fall. We'll take the suvs back to its glory days when some 7000 units were sold here in the states. But 26000. Were sold last year. These suns game plan to move the pathfinder into the heart of the US UV market. Thomas a vehicle that's gonna have great handling dynamics much improved. Fuel efficiency. And we think that we have a huge upside here in terms of volume relative to today's headlines. So more Green vehicle news now this the first mass market hybrid from Volkswagen. 2013 -- hybrid signals a new direction for VW. Which has been more cautious entering the electrified vehicle market than some of its rival. The auto makers is the agenda will be the world's first hybrid to use a seven speed dual clutch automatic transmission. In drivers and crews on electricity only up to 44 miles per hour. Combined MPG. 45. Mercedes meanwhile unveiling its big 400 hybrid. It's estimated to get 27 miles per gallon. Mercedes also showing off its 300 blue -- hybrid it features a four cylinder diesel. To performance now in the Lexus unveiling its LF LC coupe concept. It's a two plus two model that -- futuristic three ball headlights. -- -- -- In Volkswagen chief Martin -- record among the dignitaries on hand for the world premiere of the Porsche 9/11 -- -- have real way. Among the changes less weight in the longer wheelbase. Finally today the Smart bringing out funnyman John Roberts to talk pick up trucks. Smart showing off it's Smart for us concept. We have fun your vision. There it is a platform for wheels to people up front and room for gear like fights in the bad. Smart calling it the perfect pick up. For the city. And that is are tied for today we will have much more from the other showed tomorrow morning I'm the first ship with Jennifer Vaughn. We'll see that.

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