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Obama Hails Auto Gains (1/25/12)

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  10. Sergio Marchionne3:58

Wed, 25 Jan 2012|

Obama hails auto gains | Akerson set to testify | Fiat's own 'Eminem' ad


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They went stated an upper ship that Jennifer -- In the show. Say and the moment in Italian. First stop your headline. You bet on American workers. We bet on American ingenuity. And tonight. The American auto industry is back. President Obama again touting progress in the car industry yesterday in his State of the Union Address. Obama used the Detroit three as an example of how -- viable manufacturing can lose the nation forward. He said Detroit's success can spread to other industry. Today General Motors is back on top as the world's number one auto maker. Chrysler has grown faster in the US than any major car company. Ford is investing billions in US plants and factories. And together the entire industry added nearly a 160000. Jobs. Among those in the -- into a reasonable ordained as manager of GM's. -- Township Michigan assembly plant which makes that -- turning it and he -- -- now. GM CEO Dan Akerson is expected to defend this safety of the Chevy Volt this morning when he testifies before a congressional subcommittee. In prepared remarks Akerson says the bold has received quote. A disproportionate. Level of scrutiny by critics of GM and nobody administration and he calls a car atypical showcase for GM and comments that it's become a political lightning rod. He house panel is examining why did that took months to tell the public that a fight broke out weeks after the plug in hybrid let's crash tested. At hearings scheduled to start at 80 -- eastern he can watch it here at auto GM also appealing directly to the public. A source tells the Wall Street Journal -- maker will launch a national ad campaign today defending the -- Print ads will include a letter from hackers and encouraging consumers to give the conference Friday. -- L financial has been chosen by vehicle production group and that's preferred lender. VP she makes the NT 18 fat free build wheelchair accessible vehicles. It's assembled at -- and general plant in Indiana once home to the Hummer. -- offering wholesale financing and more to dealers and retail financing for consumers. It's worked for Chrysler -- before so tried again. -- -- This expires then things hardness team. That's of course the born -- commercials which created a sensation during last year Super Bowl. It searing images of Detroit a not for for Chrysler's comeback. This the motor city. This what we do and and it. Now it's a scene from each -- to another struggling city painful. And a language from English Italian team. Easy to police. This 92 spots for the new Fiat panda shows scenes of the unemployed. And contrast them with scenes of workers making cars at the last Sunday going on a factory. It was emotion let me tell you soon. They don't mean to do to achieve this is an nastase of political contest she didn't imagine that you Laguna. The -- underscores -- planned to spend billions of heroes to modernize its hands and exchange -- let's work world. CEO Sergio Marchionne has called McCleon know that best hands in the Chrysler Fiat system. Think that Chevy Volt plug in hybrids still think clean enough. What are -- charging it only when the grid has the most Noble Energy available. Energy from the sources such as wind. Well GM is testing such a system and Google headquarters in Mountain View California. And it looks like it on star gets a signal show the percentage of renewable energy on the Craig. It then manages the charging of probable that one's. Mobile app could follow. And that is our show I think -- much for joining us we'll see you tomorrow.

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