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Subaru, Toyota Shine (2/28/12)

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Tue, 28 Feb 2012|

Consumer Reports gives Subaru top grade, but Toyota wins in five segments; Fiat-Chrysler open to alliances, Tom LaSorda takes helm at Fisker.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Best of the best. One auto maker dominates the field another -- that humble and a third finds a new place number one. That story that. Hello and welcome to a Tuesday edition of auto news now. It may not -- is much acclaim as other Japanese automakers. But Su Borough is celebrating a big honor today. It brought home the top grade in this year's consumer reports automotive report cards. Subaru with its redesigned Impreza. Legacy and outback let it tight race to the top. Beating out Mazda Toyota and number four Honda which slipped two points this year. Consumer reports also naming its top vehicles in each category. In the air the big story. Toyota. Five with the magazine's top ten picks are Toyota's. Among them the redesigned Camry hybrid. With overall fuel economy of 38 miles per gallon it was named top family sedan. And the top Bailey SUV the Highlander. Which the magazine describes as refined comparable in quiet. Top small suvs the Toyota autograph for. The Siena was named top family hauler and the Prius up you guessed it. Top Green car also winning in their categories. The Ford Mustang Hyundai Sonata. Infiniti G. Subaru -- -- Chevy Avalanche. By the way it's been almost a decade since one auto maker dominated the consumer reports list like Toyota did. In 2003. Honda one for the court to civic models the pilot. And the Odyssey. If Paris based Peugeot hooks up with Detroit's General Motors. The French carmaker would first consult existing engine partners Ford and BMW. -- -- show -- is the company's partners would have to allow existing agreements to quote. Evolved as a function of whatever deal you sign. Bloomberg's sources say Peugeot. May sell about 7%. Of its stock to GM. Is part of a development alliance which may include crafting engines in building vehicles together in Europe. The move expected to help -- and fix money losing Opel in put a halt to which knows growing debt. Meantime a Fiat Chrysler is actively searching for possible auto alliances. Sergio Marchionne who heads both companies saying quote. We can be an active partner everywhere around the world. Marchionne has previously said carmakers must seek partnerships to shared development and production costs. He sees few potential partners left in Europe however he says there are many possibilities in Asia including Suzuki. And Mazda. Not -- saying it is looking for a partner. Former Chrysler CEO Tom LaSorda is the new CEO of electric vehicle maker this year. The sword who joined the bottoming Korea's vice chairman last year will now run the company's day to day operations. Company co-founder and former CEO and -- mr. becomes executive chairman. Sisters and 103000. Dollar -- extended range hybrid vehicle is now on sale. But the company has recently missed milestones. To collect its next round of funding from the US Department of Energy. But sort -- a 32 year industry veterans telling reporters quote. I never would have taken the job if I didn't think the future of this company was brought. That concludes our newscast on this Tuesday. Take Kerry -- we'll see you tomorrow.

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