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GM Wooing its 'Orphans' (3/19/12)

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Mon, 19 Mar 2012|

GM on quest to keep Saturn, Pontiac and Hummer owners in the family, top 125 U.S. dealership groups, and Nissan's vow to make Manning a Titan.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Battle plan GM's strategy for keeping Saturn Pontiac and Hummer drivers in the family. That's next. Hello and welcome to auto news now I'm just to Snyder Tom quarterback is on assignment. They call them orphans and GM has two point seven million of them. We're talking about people -- saturn's body acts and -- three brands GM eliminated during its restructuring in 2009. And 2010. As Automotive News reporter Michael highest rates in today's print edition. GM CEO Dan Akerson sees the quest to retain these drivers as a protracted. War. He knows that this isn't just a few years. Effort I mean this is going to be several years or -- gonna have to have a strategy for trying to keep these people. As you can see from these trade in figures GM retain 31% of Saturn owners last year. 39% of Pontiac owners and 37%. Of Hummer owners. For Saturn the retention rate is even higher than it was in 2007. Keeping Saturn buyers critical. -- just says GM is steering Saturn customers to more than 400 select dealers. Hoping customer and retailer will build. -- relationship. And the dealers to our offer -- service providers understand they have to do things a little differently so one dealer we talked to introduces. New Saturn customers of the service manager for example on and that's one way. They just wanna make him feel more comfortable -- more welcome. Typical customer might. By the way the retention rate was weighed down for Hummer. In 200761%. Of those buyers stayed within the GM family. Automotive News is out with our annual ranking of the 125. Biggest US dealership groups. Not too much movement at the top AutoNation Penske sonic and group one still lead the pack. Look a bit further down the list and what emerges is a story of growth. Take this company. Our LJ McLarty Landers automotive holdings. The privately held Arkansas group is led by three prominent partners. Longtime Arkansas dealers Steve Landers. Robert Johnson the founder of black entertainment television. And former Clinton administration chief of staff Mack McLarty. At last month National Automobile Dealers Association conference in Las Vegas. The partner spoke to Automotive News reporter earlier this lawyers about growing despite the recession. We're proud of the fact we we have grown we we we -- very proud of our. Commitment. To being not only. The largest minority. -- leadership in in the United States but but we we hope and believe that premier leadership group. Our LJ moved up ten notches to number nineteen on this year's list. Also making big gains -- automotive which rose from 38 to thirteenth. And the most improved company Florida based Phil Smith automotive group which rose from number 92 number 54. When it comes to attracting NFL quarterback Peyton Manning to Tennessee. Nissan thought and had a good ongoing. To help lure him to Nissan's adopted headquarters state the auto maker offered to make him a titan. Pick up that is. Nissan did say it would give Manning the pick up no matter where he signed a good idea sources say he's going to the day before it's. And that's our show for today thanks for watching Tom war back will return tomorrow we'll see you back here.

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