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Which Ads Sway Buyers (3/21/12)

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Wed, 21 Mar 2012|

Which ads sway buyers | Sonata makeover ahead | Fiat's warm reception


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's Wednesday march 21 I'm Jennifer -- Later on other profession altered marketing messages. We'll Begin -- now with headline. High -- is confirming plans to launch a revamped version of it's why should Sonata sedans in 2014. It will be the car's first upgrade in more than four years says CEO Kim -- -- At the Automotive News has reported the upcoming -- not is expected to have a more conservative styling and the current models. Xanana is on -- top selling model in the United States. And in other product news Hyundai stars taking pre orders today for the news can't just say suvs. -- Santa -- is scheduled to be unveiled next month at the New York auto show. More information on what's in the pipeline for Hyundai and other automakers. Check out our future products section at auto Slash future products. Well chapter members should report to work at a record time. To work today at he has apparently plant in Georgia. They'll assembly and paint shop workers will be on a modified schedule. That factory was down for today is after a fire struck a Georgia factory operated by supplier -- -- pollution. He and make the optimists -- an -- to run into SUV as well the Hyundai Santa Fe in Georgia. Labor had case could be ahead for General Motors in Europe. The chairman of the Opel works council signaling stern opposition. Two when he moved by GM to cut production on the continent amid slowing sales. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal. Wolfgang cheaper -- insisted that General Motors needs to expand sales of its European made autos in other markets. -- -- -- He's -- past efforts to restore -- the profitability. Through cost cuts and reducing output at fail. And a son at this year's unusually warm weather in the United States is that (%expletive) car sales. He acts he Tim convince kids telling featuring free prize. That the convertible version of that Fiat 500 quote. Shocked us when -- hit 20%. Of the name plates sales in January. Sickness -- we expected to get higher in the sprained. Now what shoppers when it comes to automotive marketing. Car buyers over the last two years where more often influenced by practical messages rather than emotional ones. That's according to a study by force research of Rochester Michigan. Things like sporting image in touch of class. Those messages we -- last year did not resonate. -- his -- they did in in previous years. And that force say it's Ron -- says is because customers who weren't able to get loans before are coming back to the market. And these folks are -- conscious. Some critical messages that appeal to buyers include discounts in competitive comparison. That fifth annual study survey about 80000 new car shoppers -- think you lack. Now first shift freeze frame this is the Dodge Durango special service suvs. It joins Chrysler's lineup of police and fire vehicles which already includes the charger pursuit. And -- 15100 special service truck. The SUV is offered with the star three point six liter V6 engine. Or within 360. Horsepower. Five point seven liter had me -- me. And thank you so much for spending your time went. As always count -- back -- -- new report on and he's now take care.

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