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Altima in Camry's Orbit (4/9/12)

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Mon, 9 Apr 2012|

Altima gears up for Camry-like volume | Score one for bailouts | Beetle's tough-man test


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Midsize car race with Toyota in the pole position. Honda in the -- place. These makes a push to pass all reacted. Welcome back on this Monday. I'm Tom -- back. 400000. Toyota hasn't sold that Medicare -- in the US since 2008. But this year it could. That 2012 Emery is flying out of show rooms. And the SE model is even giving the cars some youth appeal. It's a good sign the camera will keep its title of top selling car in the US for a tenth straight year. But hot competitor is closing in. Nissan is selling a lot of ultimate and the new model shown last week in New York comes out in June. Automotive News reporter Lindsay Chappell says Nissan is adding capacity of plants and can't Mississippi and smeared -- Tennessee. Hoping to hit 400000. Units. He says the -- unlike the Camry or Honda Accord has never been a very high volume product until now. Nissan Altima is a much more recent entry into this game and they haven't needed the factory muscle. To compete at those higher levels. The Altima is the nation's number two car right now. And Nissan already promoting the new Altima. -- -- models of -- next fifteen months including a completely re imagined. Stupid here at. 41000. Ultimate isn't sold in the US last month compared with 42000. Memories. Honda still dealing with shortages stemming from last year is natural disasters. Accord sales fell 15%. To fewer than 27000. And to a court however is due out this fall. The 2009 government bailouts of GM and Chrysler were a lightning rod for discussion then. And now. But a new Harris poll shows a sizable number of people 45%. Believe the auto rescue help the economy. Those polled can't say the same for the federal bailout of the banking and insurance industries. Harris took it a step further. In found 59% of Democrats in 33% of Republicans. Think the auto rescues help the economy. An online poll of nearly 2500 adults taking place last month. A few weeks back we asked when you think of a manly vehicle what comes to mind. -- question coming on the heels of a report highlighting VW's redesigned beetle. Since it's fall launch some 43%. Of US buyers have been men and that's way up from a year earlier. Many of you send in some terrific comments. In is it just so happened our mark -- had the chance that drive the new beetle but instead of he turned the wheel over to a very special. Very tough yes here's. -- really kicking you through it. -- aggressive dash. That's it is maverick this whole collector harping. Former mixed martial arts champ who now owns a training -- in LA in his his own reality TV show. He has plenty of opinions on the new beetle to hear more and find out what his friends would say if we bought one and trust me on this it's the best sound -- we've aired and while. You wanna visit auditors dot com slash beatle. With that we thank you for watching this Monday edition of auto news now if you'd like to send us that we were on Twitter at auto news TV. Take care we'll see you tomorrow.

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