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Making Driving Obsolete (4/10/12)

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Tue, 10 Apr 2012|

Making driving obsolete | Smart charger for Dart | Chevy's image playbook


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It Tuesday that his first checked in and Jennifer -- checking do you even down. I'll look into -- image program playbook later on first today's top news stories. This -- does -- ever done. So driving vehicles like that's three as a modified by Google will be available fight when he whiny. At least according to one of the biggest champions that the technology. Former GM aren't each team Larry Burns. -- outlined his vision Monday at the University of Michigan. He sees cheerfully and libelous vehicles transporting people -- from their destinations. While drivers use the time and desires. Burns take care of his brief search with Google which has want thousands of miles testing self driving cars some public -- that's. Here -- -- and uses the -- -- -- -- -- to grab food and it talk about drive through and it came up his dry cleaning. You can read more about burns -- view of the future at other news -- time. Enforce theory is that TV interviews featuring burns sea -- Slash future transport. Just need to dress uniform on and the ball would be -- charge drivers won't have to wait so long for this -- game. Right there's no part -- it announcing. That the 2013 Dodge Dart while offering dealer installed wireless charging system first Smartphones. The price 200 dollars plus installation. Ford Motor Co. is recalling more than 14002012. Focuses. In the US. To repair a potential problem. With a passenger side windshield wiper motor. Separately regulators say Chrysler is recalling about 1712012. Jeep Patriot and compass sport utility vehicles. He damaged rollover belt and they called you'll probably in the next days. And Honda says it launched ten additional car models in China by 2015. Senior executive says beyond the maker expects sales in that country to double from last year's level. As you know what friction between dealers and factories over dealership renovation programs continues to be hot topic in the industry. Well now I reporter Mike alliance has gotten his hands on up please bug of one of the more controversial programs Chevy. Some of the nitty gritty -- At least fight framed images are required in the show room and must be bought from one specified and -- Awards like a plaque honoring a dealership for community work should not be in the show room. As for showroom title -- is a minimum of twelve X twelve inches is allowed. If you're close attention to those under the blue -- patents from -- Those such rules that were clearly showcase. -- Let's sparkling show -- shattering glass and shiny Tye Hill. Some dealers have expressed frustration with -- program because they see their acquiring and as stringent and inflexible. But many are forging ahead with renovations. Chevy says the massive network make over -- long overdue. And with the strategy and needed to be put in planes in order for the brand to be successful. You can read more on this -- able ninth edition of Automotive News or go to -- Slash -- plan. And before we and they show a birthday to notes Volvo car CEOs defined Jacoby turns 54 today. And thanks much for watching as always treated -- has any story ideas their feedback -- direct message us on Twitter. At first underscored Stan. Have a great day.

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