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End of Chevy Avalanche (4/12/12)

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Fri, 13 Apr 2012|

GM to end Chevy Avalanche production | Alfa U.S. comeback car| A flaw in seat design?


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello I'm Jennifer bond with -- writing that thirteenth edition first -- it later. Car that passed or failed when it comes to child safety -- rules. Now let's check out today's top news stories. General Motors is killing that Chevrolet Avalanche he automaker announcing the final year of production and for the upper scale pick up truck. Which launched in 2001. GM will mark the end of the avalanche with a black and dying in addition sporting a unique badge and additional features. It's also cutting avalanche starting prices by 2500 dollars. GM says that -- helped spark a boom and crew cab pickups. More than 580 housing and had been sold. Went a little Mayo makes substantial return to the US next year. It will likely be with a group will drive coupe built -- Italy by sister brand on the -- Met with sources tell Automotive News. Parent company Fiat said Thursday and -- body will build a new vehicle for Al fun starting Monday of 2013. With annual production of up to 100 units. Yet did not name the car but companies sources say it will be called -- foresee. The force he was unveiled at the concept. At that morning eleven Geneva auto show. Board has set the base price of the redesigned 2013 escape crossover. At 23 bouncing to 95. That's 200 dollars last Ani outgoing models. -- fully loaded top of the line titanium model it'll cost 31195. Including shipping. Dealers have already begun taking orders for the redesign escape due to arrive in dealerships this spring. Production started this week in Louisville, Kentucky. And despite tight supply -- Hyundai expects its US sales to top 700000. This year says North American chief giant Kraft chick. That would be an increase of more than 8%. Compared with twenty -- I think. Through march Hyundai sales are up 15%. Most cars failed when it comes to making it easy for parents to strip and they're young ones. -- study by the insurance institute for highway safety and the University of Michigan transportation research institute. Tested 98 vehicles from the 2010 -- when he eleven model years. These cars and trucks equipped with a sense then called lower anchors and tethers for children latch for short. -- was federally mandated for all vehicles Maine for the 2003 model year and later. It's a -- of standard features designed to simplify the installation of child safety seats. Researchers inspect the hardware and rear seat designs of various models that result. They found that many other makers aren't paying attention to the key factors that would make the system useful. Only 21 and then that met all of the. Institutes criteria. A common problem is that belt buckles obscure interfere with the lower anchors. You can't click it connector and if there's a buckle and the way. In some vehicles the anchor is so buried in the seat that you can't even see it. The institute and McCarthy says among -- simple fixes. Played -- lower anchors no more than three quarters of an inch deep in this seat. Here's a look now at the point 21 models that need -- institute this degree guidelines. And seven models that didn't need any. I I HS is hoping carmakers will tank the institute guidelines into consideration. And redesigned match hardware. The institute says installing child restraint seats correctly improves protection. On Monday we tour to the institute's main crash test dummy supplier to see what goes into a dummy use -- child restraints -- testing. Finally -- birthday to -- this Sunday GM's finance chief -- handing turns forty. And we thank you for joining us this weekend percent. Al -- back and brings you your afternoon report on and -- now take care.

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