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Nissan Profit Boom? (5/11/12)

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Fri, 11 May 2012|

Nissan's sunny forecast; Mulally's 'senior' moment; Snyder: Weighty matters


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's Friday its first ever did and Jennifer bond. How the industry -- -- and kind tests have a lot more confident and you think. Jesse Snyder with that after you had fine. Let's start in Japan at what -- your forecast from the sun. The automaker now saying it expects operating profits. To surge 28%. For the year at that ends next march to nearly eight point eight billion dollars. And it forecast a 17% John big net profit to five billion dollars. Despite production disruptions caused it last -- tsunami. Today Nissan posted a net profit of nearly four point three billion dollars for the just ended fiscal year. That are about 7%. And its quarterly net earnings they more than doubled to 943. Million dollars. -- don't getting another turn at the top. Bloomberg says that Japanese auto maker sold the most cars and trucks in the world. In the first three months of the year -- and made up for production wants to natural disasters in Asia. Sales including Lexus spying on Tino and Daihatsu. Rose 18%. To about 2.5 million in the quarter. That again puts -- yet that I had of GN. Which sold almost 2.3 million cars and trucks and VW which sold nearly 2.2 million. Volkswagen's US unit by the way has named you head of customer experience. Robert Martel a 25 your V don't be a battery and assuming that post just days after GM hired away his predecessor. Mark Barnes. Martel had been VW's general manager dealer operations. And Ed for a 66 year old CEO Alan Mulally again says he has no timetable for retirement. And his -- executive chairman bill Ford is just fine with that. Forward it joking at the company's annual meeting quote we sent 25. Maybe it should be 2030. In 2030 Mulally will turn 85. That report from blue -- The industry is picking up and dropping pounds on this road of recovery. Are -- Snyder explains. US auto sales have been on a bit of a role so far this year selling rates of top 141000004. Straight months. Three years after that dreadful first half of 2009. We're moving again. But not all that fast times. We all know want. In our minds and we can picture auto sales and ourselves running free and loose really really fast Hussein bolt fast. But in reality how fast -- move depends on the week you're caring. And this and the higher recovery were carrying a lot of weight. At first it was basic economic fundamentals that always affect -- We were dragging low personal income we were carrying out the consumer confidence and a crummy stock market. Falling home values and new housing starts and the killer high unemployment rates but one by one. As we started to ease those burdens we got new ones. This year fuel prices and one actually caused a rising sales spot shortages of products and demand. Ford can't make enough focuses. Hyundai and Kia are slashing fleet sales to keep dealer supplied. Chevrolet is rationing force on diversions of the equinox. Toyota is adding four cylinder engine capacity. Bottom line as conditions improve. The industry and auto sales are moving faster it's still hard but all the burdens we've carried the openness and we have enough to make it. Huffing and puffing to the finish line. Who. Jennifer. -- -- -- Finally if they ten -- training program that Lexus workers must master. Before performing production work and a new Lexus. Like this magazine boasting about the auto makers craftsmanship. Saying one has stitching specialist need to eighth. Full -- piece of Paper into a perfect Oregon me cats. Other pets and must be done with want behind and nine dominant line and completed in under ninety seconds. Thanks for joining us this week how are backup catcher afternoon report and other news now. Enjoy your weekend.

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