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Reinventing TrueCar (6/25/12)

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Mon, 25 Jun 2012|

Under fire, website makes changes - and dealer numbers are climbing back; a Toyota-BMW green team?; GM's Texas three step.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hope you enjoyed your weekend at that time. Later we speak with true cars married nominee but first let's -- making news. What you know reportedly plans to step by BMW. With hybrid trying to train systems and hydrogen fuel cell technology. The agreement with deep in a green card tiny apple forged last December. They deal recorded Monday by Japan's Nikkei business daily in over the weekend by Germany's der Spiegel magazine. You had a president accurately -- and BMW CEO Norbert right over -- made an announcement this week in the case that. Late last year that companies that BMW with the plight we yoga with small displacement clean diesel engines. In return -- would work with BMW. To produce next generation lithium ion batteries for hybrid. That's probably news now. Leo this says that starting next me Yaris compact cars destined for North America. Willie Mae and hand rather that Japan. General Motors plans to add a third shift of about 800 workers. And at Arlington Texas a public and early next year. That factory builds the Chevrolet Tahoe and suburban. GMC Yukon and Cadillac Escalade SUV. Employees on the plant's current two shifts are frequently been forced to work overtime since the end at 2009. In order to keep up with the man. Also GM officially launching production. Of next generation and and it's kind of want to pension plan in Buffalo, New York. The 2.5 leader and two liter Turbo engines will power that when he thirteen Chevy Malibu and Cadillac eighteen yet. -- son says its joint venture in China Dong -- motor. Will build a 785. Million dollar factory in the north eastern part of that country. Finally. And -- rock would you please take this car to Chicago -- -- Tesla Motors began delivery is of a model ascent and Friday from its factory in Fremont California. A corporate metamorphosis. That's quite true cars -- Domenici says his company had undergone. We've reached a point where the dealers recognize the fact that we are trying to develop a bit of sustainable ecosystem with the dealers helping them. Give customers a good experience and have a satisfied customer lost have been profitable. Late last year the auto shopping website came under fire from dealers and regulators. After touting deep discounts for consumers. -- -- told visitors to its website today participating dealer would guarantee a specific price that was a little factory invoice. Downey says now this fight for first to discount below sticker prices. He also says when the company Brazilians TV advertising. And then message will be less about the deal. I think you're gonna see an advertising enticing campaign that. Just talk about the advantage of knowing a fair price the market place. But also that you know the relationship with the dealer and that that partnership you develop as a customer with a dealership is an important piece of the -- while. Down -- me if former top Nissan executive. Senate changes are bringing dealers back into that true car full. We peaked at about 5500 dealers back in December of 2011. We dropped as low as about 3500 dealers back can now march April this year and now one check your backup -- about 4300 dealers and climbing literally every single thing. In addition to other changes -- cars new operating model. In line with its online shopping competitors such as cars dot com and Edmonds dot com. Downing the stock -- offices last week. That and our show you can find us on Twitter at first underscored shift wealthiest soon.

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