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Chrysler’s Golden Gain (7/20/12)

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Fri, 20 Jul 2012|

Look who's leading the winners in California sales this year; Craftsman mentality for U.S.-built Acura supercar; Lapham: What Mazda needs


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's a start the Chrysler -- bound to come back in California. With the number you have to see to believe. That's straight ahead. Welcome to the show on this Friday. Nearly 200%. That figure reflecting the increase in sales of new Chrysler brand vehicles through June in the Golden State. The nation's largest auto market. That number of outpacing the brands that 75%. Year to date increase nationwide. -- next in line with -- 62%. Gain from a year ago. Again -- is California number more than three times the 18% boost it is seeing across the country. Back to the tennis star for a moment in a bit of a reality check. Numbers from the California new car dealers association shows while up. Chrysler brand's market share in the state is still just one point 9%. The states auto sales are up more than 22%. Through June. Compared with a nearly 15%. Increase. Nationwide. And updates on this week's riots that claimed the life of one manager in the injured at least seventy others. At a -- Suzuki auto plant in India. Bloomberg reports authorities who won't press the murder and attempted murder charges. Against all riding workers at the factory because they engaged in a mob attack that led to a person's death. I -- nine workers in custody so far. The labor unions says the riot to the medics are plant began with a supervisor. Insulted in employee. Because of his cast. A super car made in Ohio. That's what Honda is reaching for. As it prepares for the next generation accurate and that sex. Honda's CEO talked -- noble Ito has given North America responsibility. For producing and developing the car. It will be made at the specialized -- near -- this factory in Marysville Ohio. We asked -- shots that Honda's US manufacturing chief about the challenge of rolling out. The other sex. We have to do a lot of new thinking as far as how we're gonna build that vehicle it'll be built in much smaller qualities. It's going to have. Obviously. Aspects of super car that we not produced before. So it really can require our associates have a better understanding of materials lightweight materials small volume production. And really almost the craftsman sort of mentality and how we're gonna put that vehicle together. Honda plans to bring the car to market within three years. We spoke to shop stick in Detroit at a meeting of the automotive press association. In next week on our newscast will have even more on Hondas in Toyota's efforts to give more clout to their North American operations. You know the saying goes something like this two's company and three is a crowd. But that might not be the best course of action in this industry today. Here's Automotive News executive editor -- -- We'll Mazda people seem to like being more -- less on their own since the -- relationship hit the fan. But is it a viable long term survival strategy. Realistically it might make the most sense for -- that the become the Asian partner in the Fiat Chrysler alliance. Is not a new concept. Thirty years ago one. Chrysler had Mitsubishi in Asia Chrysler's Lee Iacocca consider hooking up with books -- To get the stability of -- three legged stool with one leg in Europe one in North America and the third in Asia. Never happened. Years later along came dialer for Chrysler -- Mitsubishi faded away. I honestly the only three legged stool and dialer Chrysler was the one that Germans had to milk their North American cash cow. In this era of collaboration. Consolidation. Some auto makers are determined to go wrong. But many will need partners to build the kind of global support that you get. From three legged stool. -- -- -- And that's -- ice. -- says it paid you for watching have a tremendous -- We'll see you back here on Monday.

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