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Early Exit for Maybach (8/16/12)

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Thu, 16 Aug 2012|

An early exit for Maybach | One-of-a-kind Caddys | An asbestos roadblock?


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

From pricey. To priceless. The body -- is history. Much sooner than expected. -- news now starts now. Thanks so much for inviting us in on this Thursday. Twenties eight that's our estimate of how many in my box have been sold in the US through July. In just 39 were sold here all of last year. At first number of likely playing into Tyler decision to end production of its super luxury brand back in June. That's at least six months sooner than originally planned. -- said it would halt by -- output in 2013. When the new Mercedes-Benz. S class to rise to the original my -- first appeared in the twenties. A revived in my -- brand was launched by dialer in 2002. But in the end the cars which range in price from about 380000. Dollars to nearly one point four million. Simply could not compete with the likes of Rolls Royce. And Bentley. It will likely see 2013 my box over on eighteen at Pebble Beach in the future. Speaking of that beautiful golf hole it is going to be the center of attention. At the annual Pebble Beach Concord -- guns in Carmel California on Sunday. The event is among the top ranking collector car shows in the world. But starting today. Visitors to the area can check out a pair of one of a kind Cadillac Fleetwood B sixteen's. That were available but never ordered by customers during the Great Depression. Decades later in automobile restore built the cars from scratch relying only on original blueprints. The cars recently sold at auction for right around a million bucks each. One of the car industry's old Romans has surfaced again. In this time it may hurt Chinese auto makers trying to penetrate the US market. Called -- the unquestionable. Indestructible stones. They called it. Asbestos. Once hailed as a miracle product asbestos is now considered a carcinogen. It's used as a building material. Band in the US. In the past asbestos was also and in car parts such as brake linings in many carmakers who stopped using it. Now comes this news from down under. -- and Ronald trying to at a cross. Accompany the importing cars into Australia. Is recalling 23000. Cars made by Kerry and great wall. The culprit. Asbestos in engine and exhaust caskets. That raises a question. Could the recall threatened plans by the auto makers to expand into the US and Europe. Yes according to one industry observer. Michael Dunn head of the research firm diamond company. Tells Bloomberg that Australia is a test for Chinese auto makers looking to enter larger markets. Dunn called the recall any significant setback. And an analyst at CI MB securities says quote. This will change consumer's mind sets toward Chinese cars. After all. Better to be safe than sorry with regard to health that. Thanks so much for watching this addition of auto news now. Join us tomorrow where I left them. Weekly commentary. We'll see that.

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