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Riding the Storm - In Style (8/22/12)

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Wed, 22 Aug 2012|

In Pebble Beach, luxury carmakers gird for battle | Platform for VW's rise? | Chrysler 300 impresses


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Small car big goal -- weight loss plan for this little golf. Fits into the Volkswagen plans to be number one in the world. That story next. Welcome back on this Wednesday I'm -- Snyder in for Tom -- back. Today on first shift we told you about VW's plan to cut the weight of the next gulf by as much as 220 pounds. The weight loss thanks to stronger steel that allows VW to minimize mental contest. Using new materials and production processes as part of a bigger Volkswagen project one that could involve millions of vehicles. As we first mentioned in April it's called the modular transverse matrix. Starting this summer with the new Audi a three. Volkswagen will use a standardized global platform. That eventually will underpin more than forty Audi VW Skoda and -- -- models. VW says models ranging from micro cars to crossovers. Could theoretically be made on the same assembly line despite different wheel bases and -- points. And the company which wants to sell an unprecedented 800000 vehicles in the US by 28 team could see big time savings. By one analysts estimate more than seventeen billion dollars by 2019. As for the gulf it will show off its new figure at the Paris auto show next month. Consumer reports calls it a continuation. Of the Chrysler 300 comeback. In its latest set of road test the magazine gives the 300 to score near the top of its class. It's as the cars V6 engine combined with a smooth shifting its speed automatic. Have improved drive ability. Topping the 300 the Hyundai Genesis tested previously. And just below the 300 was -- as -- which consumer reports says is more stylish and refined than its predecessor. The magazine calls the Buick LaCrosse with. CR says it doesn't have enough reliability data to recommend the 300. And villas era and lacrosse or two new. But it says one -- scored too low to recommend. The Ford Taurus. We've seen the problems 400 really drop safe bet this gentleman will be focusing his recommendations on Nissan for awhile. David Champion who for years has been the face of consumer reports auto testing is going back to the Japanese auto maker. On September 10 he takes the newly created job of executive advisor competitive assessment and quality. In the mid nineties he was the Nissan quality assurance engineer. Each August brings the car loving the leaked to moderate California for the annual -- weekend. It also allows our West Coast editor mark -- and to take the pulse of the ultra luxury market. Here's his report from the eighteenth fairway at Pebble Beach. As the world's 1% and those aspiring to join them. Gathered at this year's Pebble Beach -- weakened the Tina cars was a celebrated as much as the lovingly restored additions. After all it's rare scene is so critical on the street let alone three -- -- gathering on site. It's a weekend where the celebrities aren't nearly as celebrated as the rare automotive icons that recover. But Pebble Beach has also evolved into a marketing opportunity for carmakers eager to reach the world's elite crucial as Europe's economy swirling turbulent fiscal waters. Auto executives seemed out of -- for survival. -- -- -- Very balanced and China China China but really how bad is it all expressing concern luxury auto makers seem confident of being able to write out the storm. But I am happy is an immense pressure we could just save up our look at that but there's billions of the Jim -- United States where they're really trying to read you don't vessels from. From that aspect -- you know. We have got a massive market in China as a massive demand for products in China. -- increasing demand for products in the United States whatever driver of the displacement engines. But the whole run the republic. Lamborghini last year's orders for the event or are keeping the assembly lines running right now. But as for future orders that's another story. Sort of European market for us is it important as a key market as an adult life and should note. We have all of -- like it which is not working at all utilities electric prices that taxation and the fiscal polices are consoles. But on the other hand we have markets which are working better than expected to rode -- the situation. Is better than 2011. Song. They US is going back. Asia Pacific region is pretty much on the same level as last year and I really have the Middle East which is really strong. Bentley which struggled through 2008 US crisis appears and out to be rebounding schools with his -- on the opening in New York. She's -- issuing -- yet to sign and symptom of economy and -- too. And there's some -- -- memos -- put -- in fact include them it was a markets. Yes if you continues the other places in Europe but this should also by the end of July -- -- citizen and he's made 26 -- -- Porsche executives say they have learned their lesson from the last fiscal crunch and are handling global inventories accordingly. You meant and and and supply balance is very important proportion we get a -- at the moment because of China. Because of so strong markets in Asia and Russia. And the continuing growing of further volume in the position of course in the United States to come to balance the situation we have him in Germany and in in New York. Aston Martin which once had too many cars for too few dealers is adding dealers at a furious pace including nine war in China this year. We are in fact then expanding around the world I'm -- -- course is entering that we have not balance not flexibility in terms of growing the the business. By model and -- segment I'm like country. Traffic around -- peninsula was little lighter this year than last perhaps indicating certain reduction in attendance. However as of Saturday night auction prices and already exceeded last year's total clearly the 1% isn't worried. From the beach for Automotive News TV I'm mark -- Either that or the influencing collector cars as an investment safe haven. As always our thanks to mark and his fancy pants analysis. Thanks for watching everybody we'll see you back here. Tomorrow.

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