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Bailout on Political Stage (9/4/12)

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Tue, 4 Sep 2012|

Dems give bailout starring role | How tech trailblazing burned Ford | Honda, VW sales sizzle


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Prime time appearance. Rescue of General Motors and Chrysler will get plenty of air time this week. Details coming up. Welcome to the newscasts on this Tuesday I'm Tom Moore back. More on the Obama campaign's auto bailout video in just a moment. But first US auto sales for the month of August. Up big late summer sales search for the Volkswagen brand. A 63%. Job it's twelve straight month of increases of at least 25%. American -- post earthquake recovery continues sales up 60%. Same situation at Toyota Motor sales up 46%. Gain. Soon grew up 36%. Kia with its one -- 2% rise Chrysler seeing up 14%. Boost. 13%. At fort. August sales rising 10% -- him. And 8% gain at Nissan North America. And Hyundai up 4%. The auto industry's recovery. Gaining steam despite a sluggish economy and consumer uncertainty. For much more visit auto Both GM and Chrysler have banned visits from politicians. At least through Election Day. But that doesn't mean the candidates had to stop talking about the auto makers. The Detroit news reports president Barack Obama's campaign. Is running an 82 minute video on the effect of the auto bailout during the national Democratic Convention Wednesday night. The video will air in prime time during network coverage prior to remarks by former President Bill Clinton. The news reports the segment will feature remarks from an Ohio autoworker and UAW president Bob king. In the final weeks of his presidency. George W. Bush agreed to save GM and Chrysler with a 25 billion dollar bailout. President Obama later added another sixty billion dollars to the clause. When it comes to technology. Being the first isn't always best. Enterprise reporter nick Bunkley explores that issue in this week's print edition of Automotive News. He says a prime example of the perils of being first. My Ford touch. Ford's public struggles with the system. Well they bought some valuable time for rival GM. General Motors waited a couple years longer than forward to put their touch screen system into the Cadillac brand. And by doing that the really had a chance to see what was working what wasn't see some of the problems of Fort Worth having and make any changes that they. Could along the way at this stage of the process of rather than having them happen in the hands of consumers like forwarded. In a sense fold kind of took off and it. That was JD powers that David Sargent back in June. He says Ford probably took the worst hit in quality surveys. Because it loaded so when he controls into one system on mass market cars. As it shakes out it's tech problems. -- could use the way for companies. Playing catch up. Now one company in embracing high tech is Mercedes-Benz. Truly amazing about Mercedes and embraced the system. That's the latest breaking just keep in touch with friends the theme of this ad campaign. How technology can keep drivers engaged in life's events right from their cars. And then there's BMW. Which is building on its new electric vehicle car sharing program in San Francisco. The company is rolling out -- mobile phone app to help people fine. And paid for park. -- leader has run out so to speak on today's show. Thanks so much for watching. We'll see you back here tomorrow.

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