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Car commanders in chief (9/7/12)

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Fri, 7 Sep 2012|

Presidential car clout | GM growing IT staff in Texas | Lapham: Gears gone by


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

From the first to the 44. The many ways US president's changed the car industry. That's next. We welcome you back on this Friday I'm Automotive News editor Jason Stein. Tom -- is on assignment the US presidential campaign has focused a lot on the rolls George W. Bush and Barack Obama played. In saving the US auto industry but they are part of a long line of chief executives who dipped into the lives of carmakers and drivers. Hagerty a company that insurers classic cars is out with a list of the ten top presidential influences on the industry. Here's a look. American people want the auto companies to succeed. He showed why. Before the 85 billion dollar rescues of GM Chrysler they're finance arms and suppliers. There was Jimmy Carter's move to save Chrysler from the brink of bankruptcy in 1979. What -- one point five billion dollar loan guarantee. The power of the United States has passed the fight for loan guarantees him. The requests from corporations and businesses today. Carter's predecessor Gerald Ford. It's that was the first cafe standards which led to development of smaller cars can achieve substantial additional savings by altering our driving habits. Now in 1974 in response to OPEC's oil embargo Richard Nixon signed an act setting a national speed limit of 55 miles per hour. Four years earlier he created the Environmental Protection Agency which sets air pollution standards. And even further back. The Department of Transportation. It was set up by Lyndon Johnson in 1966. Johnson also signed the highway safety act. Among other things require cars to have seat belts and shatter proof windshields. Now the man who put one of the biggest stance on US roads was Dwight Eisenhower with his interstate highway system watched in 1956. Rounding out our list Woodrow Wilson. In 1916. He signed landmark highway funding legislation. And let's go all the way back to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson the man behind the national -- the biggest road project of its time. A few news -- now General Motors is hiring 500 software developers and other workers for a new innovation center in Austin, Texas. That's all part of GM's plan to build out its own information technology infrastructure. Currently 90% of the company's global IT work is outsourced to large vendors such as Hewlett-Packard. Our outlook for now let's go a bit south of there. GM will expand the OnStar tellem out of service into Mexico next here. It will be on stars' fourth market joining the US Canada and China. Time now for Edward -- weekly commentary this week car transmissions are changing and -- is finding it a bit difficult to stay neutral. I've remained silent long enough in a free society some topics must be discussed no matter how painful. So here goes. Have you noticed that -- into speeding away. That's right the traditional time tested park reverse beautiful drive low. Gear -- election for automatic transmissions. Is being abandoned by some auto makers. In many cases Pringle is being replaced by trends that's PR in the ass. Which stands for park reverse neutral drive shift sport select or whatever. I'm more and more cars you slip -- -- -- when you want the tree and he'd automatically generate higher rents and more torque before each shift points. Or when you want -- -- boy racer by using -- adults. Look change can be good. Progress is admirable sciences mankind's brother. And it's fun to use a shift paddles. But criminalist. So familiar so friendly so comfortable. Couldn't they have thought of something to replace that last shift position with an -- I'm Edward -- and that's how I -- Thanks that. Speaking of ships be sure to catch first ship with Jennifer bong on Monday morning. Have a great weekend and we'll see you back here Monday afternoon.

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