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Rechtin checks pulse of ultra-luxury market

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Mon, 10 Sep 2012|

Each August, the car-loving elite visit Monterey, Calif., for the Concours d'Elegance weekend. This year's event allowed West Coast Editor Mark Rechtin to take the pulse of the ultra-luxury market from the 18th fairway at Pebble Beach.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

As the world's 1% and those aspiring to join them gathered at this year's Pebble Beach -- weekend. Tina cars was a celebrated as much as the lovingly restored additions. After all it's rare scene is so critical on the street let alone three quail gathering on site. It's a weekend where the celebrities aren't nearly as celebrated as the rare automotive icons that recover. But Pebble Beach has also evolved into a marketing opportunity for carmakers eager to reach the world's elite crucial as Europe's economy swirling turbulent fiscal waters. Auto executives seemed to have a mantra for survival. Balance balance. Very balanced and China China China but really how bad is it all expressing concern luxury auto makers seem confident of being able to ride out the storm. -- -- happy is an immense pressure we could just see that Obama cannot but -- billions of the German -- the United States where they're really trying to ratchet up the cells from it. From that aspect -- you know we have got a massive market of China as a massive demand for products in China. I'm for increasing demand for products in the United States where there were drive the displacement engines. The whole member of a profit. At Lambert meeting last year's orders for the event or are keeping the assembly lines running right now. But as for future orders that's another story. Sort of European market for us is it important as a key market as an -- life and showed no. We have always liked it which is not working and all of you to visit our for Chrysler that taxation and the fiscal polices -- controls. But on the other hand we have markets which are working better than expected to -- -- the situation. Is better than 2011 -- They US is going back. Asia Pacific region is pretty much on the same level as last yet. And I really have the Middle East which is really strong. Bentley which struggled through 2008 US crisis appears now to be rebounding -- with his -- on the open in New York. She's going to be three new yet to sign and symptom of economy and -- -- And there's some themselves memos and put on China in fact include live it was a markets yourselves if you continues the other places in your. But this -- also by the end of drew I hit a citizen and he's made twenty successful songs Porsche executives say they have learned their lesson from the last fiscal crunch and are handling global inventories accordingly. He meant and and and supply balance is very important proportion -- -- -- at the moment because of China. Because of so strong markets in Asia and Russia. And the continuing growing of further volume in the position of course in the United States to come to balance the situation -- -- -- in -- and then in New York. Aston Martin which once had too many cars for too few dealers is -- dealers at a furious pace including nine war in China this year. We are in fact then expanding around the world and of course is -- that we have not balance not flexibility in terms of growing -- the business. By mobile device segment I'm like country. Traffic around -- peninsula was little lighter this year than last perhaps indicating a certain reduction in attendance. However as of Saturday night auction prices and already exceeded last year's total clearly the 1% isn't worried. For -- beach for Automotive News TV I'm mark wrecked him.

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  1. Buick pokes fun at Buick in bid for new buyers

    Fri, 25 Sep 2015

    Welcome to the marketing chief speaks I'm Tom Moore back. Maybe that's the percentage of Buick nameplate on America's roads today. That are no longer being produced. In those LeSabre wrote master and other bygone badges are still contributing to a problem the General Motors brand has been battling for decades. Consumers who believe buicks are built for older people. The brand's top US marketer Tony to sell discussed his approach to eliminating such misperceptions. At the Automotive News New York marketing seminar on September 22. We wanted to take that aren't directly. I don't have enough patience to do it any other way. If so the team set out to do that as a result eighteen months ago to sell squad re introduce Buick. I actually embracing its challenges. Through a series of fast paced self deprecating at times and video spots. Initial hear the cell isn't done poking a little fun at the 112 year old ran. The vehicles in question are debated among Cuban actors. Yeah. And even canine performers. But the cell who has batted his current post in 2011. Says there's no argument when it comes to the success. A group that the Buick marketing campaign. Because it is so down to earth that is extraordinarily honest. It's driven off of a singular consumer insight and the the reality that there's what we call false familiarity of the marketplace namely that buicks are relevant to some shoppers. The information provided clarity to the cells team as it crafted the campaign. When you have a consumer insight at that precise. It makes it a little bit easier to really focus on. And we have a license to really focus on that he connects secure really well the spots launched in the spring of 2014. And according to Nielsen data the lacrosse ballet ad has the highest rate group of all luxury automotive TV commercials last year. Buick US sales in 2014. Jumped 11%. Outpacing the overall market's 6% gain. And while the marks sales are off two point 6% through August of this year. The cells says the campaign is paying dividends at Buick dot com. About 40%. Of our online traffic to the big browsers I hate is first time visitors. That number goes to 60%. Of our mobile traffic and mobile traffic today. Is getting to surpass. Big browser traffic and so it's becoming the majority of our traffic. And that's just at an indicator of the kinds of folks that were attracting and these his Buick is converting many of those clicks. In the purchases. We've seen. Theory nice growth and conquest. The encore for example is our highest non non GM sources sales vehicle that's over 50%. In addition to the actors the ads feature that catchy background music. In the cells is the tune isn't going away anytime soon. That's an equity rates so and we've we've talked about the Wii version and a little bit that. Generally what what that does. It's a good example of the kinds of things that helps the campaign. And message breakthrough because automotive advertising is so incredibly cluttered. In the object first objective is to stand now you know get people to remember the message remember who the message was for. The cells is that program is evolving from just showing products to pitching 24 hour test drives. In vehicle Wi-Fi in five star crash safety ratings. Meantime in the coming months this now will begin marketing the new this got a convertible. Which he calls the Braves you know vehicle. And at the Los Angeles auto show in November the bread will take the wraps off the next year and one in seventy lacrosse. Which features a grill bursting on the Avant their concept. Back to the age issue. We asked to sell if Buick is indeed reaching a younger demographic. We have in its interest thing because we get asked a lot about average age. In into us that's that's just a byproduct we don't set an objective there it's an indicator of are we appealing to a broader base and our average ages come down on quite a bit actually. It's come down about six years in the last six or seven years business. In march of 2013 it just felt told us the average age of a Buick driver was 57 years old. Today that number stands at 58 or 59 compared with an industry average of 54. To sell also overseas GM seems US marketing efforts. The brand benefiting big time from the pick up truck and SUV craze sweeping the states. GMC sales are rising 11%. Through August in the market up three point 8%. And with the National Football League season now under way. The south says look for more of those precision PG MC ads focusing on craftsmanship. And refinement. In our next installment we'll hear from Mazda North America marketing boss Russell blogger. Who isn't afraid to share his feelings I'm self driving cars. Thanks so much for watching everyone will see years ago.

  2. Denver Dealer Has Faith in Fixed Ops, Females, Family-run Stores

    Fri, 12 Jun 2015

    Welcome to the dealers speaks. Today the story of a nineteen year old who quit college. Join the cadillacs store and ultimately became older of what is now a three franchised dealership group. 58 year old Mary Pacifica well lead to reckon ball automotive in Denver selling Cadillac infinity involve well. Her career has been and continues to be filled. With taking calculated risks seizing opportunities. In passing values from one generation to the next. To echo valley says she's not your typical car dealer. I like to say I'm on light. Most coming up through the ranks general managers in an owner's. That's because Pacific go belly rose through the service side of the house. I'm very proud that she says the sales department is crucial to the operation. But. I wanna sell the dealership. And that's easier to do on the service. And if you make somebody happy on the service side they will be back. And Philly based remains a priority at her newest store Rick and bought infinity in duck and a thirty miles north of Denver. Once an open point on and that in these map the dealership is surrounded by vast farms in the oil fields in Weld County. One of the fastest growing US job market. Pacific go belly that if shoppers would eventually come knocking. We thought it would be a win win that maybe not immediately. But if the goal is to build our business this was the place to be. When the store opened in late 20s13. Pacific go belly avoided a broad marketing approach. Instead she looked to direct mail using lists from infinity to target the brand owners in the untapped area. Lifetime oil changes were included with all new car purchases. But it was stressful. So on day one we open up the fifth fixed averaged I didn't know where the judges and anchored cry because I love service element. So we are approaching 50% coverage which is you know I'm kind unheard of this quick. That figure meeting half of the dealerships in higher overhead. Is covered by its service in parts revenue. The store now attracts both local customers and those who live more than 100 miles away in Wyoming. Cheyenne resident Lauren Nelson made the hour plus drive for a maintenance visits. And that type of customer I have one bad customer service experience I will not go back though. The fact that they have extraordinary customer service will keep me always coming back. We also actually have even ballet. Service customers back and forth with some of our people can't we want that market. We want the Wyoming markets that we're gonna do whatever it takes to keep. Are hard charging philosophy. That likely caught the attention of former group owner can Rican law. He saw something in me. That allowed me to be men toward buying here. She appreciated Rican buzz willingness to create a diverse workforce. At one time we had more female. Managers and department heads and we did may because he just said. You know she's mark while once I was mentored by him. Did general manager's job opened up and I applied for and I got it. And I mean if I hate to seize that opportunity something something really good with. That is what I seize the opportunity. I understand how many hours I was gonna put in Anders did. You know I had to be ethical above and beyond anything else. And he came to me few years later. After talking to his family and his wife and children. That they were on agreement to start sounding the stores so it was a wonderful opportunity and boy did I feed and I have loved every day. But there's been paying too. Reckon boss in his wife and son were killed in a plane crash in 2002. It was truly looking back on the worst day of my life. Because it was sold to lose somebody in a tragic way like that so sad. And then I'm trying to hold everything together because the employees were. Not only devastated. But honestly maybe they did one minute but I knew in my heart they had to be concerned what about me what about my job went about my family. So I was trying to hold everything together. You know to get through that period so that they would understand that we're going to be fine and we're gonna go forward. Today she's advancing brick in laws values in part by encouraging female staffers to accelerate their careers. Receptionist Ellie officials is in training to sell cars. I think it look at a little bit more competition with me on the floor and I plan on surpassing that conflict and the ill. In fact Pacific Nobel leases the auto industry as a whole. These to quote step it up a little bit when it comes to employing more females. Inside dealerships. I was in them up sounding. Board member of the General Motors women's retail initiative. And it's kind of sad to me that there isn't a lot of other brand that has something like that going on. But one person brings a huge smile to the face of Pacific go belly up her nephew nick. He's vice president of the auto group and was a driving force behind the creation of the Infiniti store. Nick's not done yet I've loved it. I've loved. I could open up and you store. Because of this in two seconds Ike going to restore an overhaul it and I know what we need to do to make things work for us for the African by name and how we do business specific go belly says it is a point of pride that nick is following in her footsteps. Ice the of these dealerships being taken over by these big conglomerate that step and I know they're good operators and I know they're good people. But it saddens me a little bit to see a lot of the family owned dealerships go away because one minute things for me and I see. Which I'm also proud and that can't richt bought anything to me he trusts me. He absolutely trusted and I have that we do I have a whole set of problems that I don't even have to worry about because next year. You know when you now apparently it's just a lot of different things you just go way that you don't have to worry. Pacific go belly who started her career at the caddies store following customers reminding them to bring their vehicles in for service. Believes she took the auto group to the next level. Varies his mic. Is going to take the business to even greater heights in the coming years. Thanks so much for watching everyone will see you soon.

  3. Toyota's Lentz on Texas Benefits, Fixing Scion and a Potential Prius Replay

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    Are flooding fifteen talk from the top video series continues. I'm Tom Moore back. When Toyota announced last year that it was moving the company's North American headquarters to suburban Dallas from suburban Los Angeles. The automakers are regional CEO Jim Lance didn't waste any time putting down roots in north Texas. He was one of roughly fifty Toyota employees pioneers is lens calls them to make it attractive Plano west September. The new facility is slated to be moving and ready in 2016 or seventeen. Until then lends his set up shop in a temporary building. And that's where he recently spoke with Automotive News reporter David under poplar. Among the topics. And investment in the Lexus lends wishes he would've made science turnaround plan. And why are moving to Plano will help create versatile wield an employee. Today if if I want to have someone that has sales experience. Develop manufacture our experience. They actually leave my sales company. They join the manufacturing company and they moved 2500. Miles a concern for an auto maker that prides itself on cross training staffers. But Len says the moved to Plano will help streamline employee education. They're going to be within the same overall organization. In the same headquarters rather than move when he 500 miles. They're gonna probably get on an elevator remove two floors. So what's gonna allow me over time. To develop talent that is much more rounded in overall automotive. In north my. Erica lens expects Toyota's Plano campus to employ approximately 4000 people by the end of 27 team. 3000 staffers are expected to come from the company's sales and finance operations in Torrance California. And 1000 employees are slated to arrive from Toyota's engineering and manufacturing site in curling her Kentucky. The ultimate benefit is it allows us to act as one company. So you rather than being separate affiliates. That may have different ideas. It allows us to work together and come up with Cingular ideas he gives us more autonomy working with Japan. One Toyota brand that was in dire need of ideas. Cyanide. The marks US sales slumped 15%. In 2014. And are down 18% through April of this year. Dealers have been working very hard for the brand. But frankly we stormed the product line but that's changing. Sign on introduce two new name plates at the 2015 New York International Auto Show. The IM hatchback. And IEA. Science first ever Savannah. Both are due in showrooms this year. You'll see us probably take a little bit. Different tact in the marketing. It won't be a 100% under the radar you'll probably see a little bit more traditional media as we tried to grow that base a little bit. But lends his side and will continue to target the same audience. We we don't wanna lose the quality of buyer that we're getting today we still want the young buyer that want something that's just a little bit different. And what they may necessarily see in the torch now on the flip side Toyota's luxury brand Lexus is on a pair. Through April US sales have risen 17%. In an overall market that's up five point 4%. And Lexus trails luxury leader Mercedes-Benz. By just 4300 units. Violence has few regrets regarding Lexus. He says building a large three row crossover first rather than the brand new sleek copes would have been a better bet. This given low gasoline prices in the public's thirst for hollers that handle like car. Lexus is existing three roll offerings are the truck based gene acts and LX suvs. Despite cheaper gas. You have to start developing. A new source of energy for cars. Now lends remains confident in Toyota's Mirai hydrogen fuel cell car it goes on sale in the states later this year. In lens isn't worried about finding early adopters. Fuel cells. Not going to be. Then Norman is an engine for many many years to come. But today similar to the way we started with Prius I mean the very beginning when we launch Prius. They were primarily people that were amazed with the technology. There were people that loved. But the mileage that they received there were people who were were very environmental. I think that's who's going to buy the fuel cells well I think we're almost going to see a replay. Of how Prius started. With fuel cell vehicles. Toyota is expected to introduce the fourth generation Prius this fall. It'll be the first vehicle to use Toyota's new modular platform which offers a lower center of gravity. Lens has driven the new Prius he says it's quote. Quite strong. In our next installment we'll hear from Nissan North America chairman Jose Munoz take care everyone we'll see of that.

  4. Canadian Dealer Buries a Jeep, Hires an Ambassador and Puts on the Ritz

    Fri, 12 Dec 2014

    Welcome to the dealers speaks I'm Leslie Allen. In this installment. We journey across the US border into Canada. Just like in the US Fiat Chrysler is booming in Canada. It's closing in on number one carmaker Ford. But for Chrysler dealer Jamie richter in Hamilton Ontario another battle is raging. College friendly fire there are six common six other Chrysler stores within twenty minutes of kids. Rules on franchise locations are less restrictive in Canada then they are in the US. However and you'll see. Baking Chrysler does have a few tricks up its sleeve and under its showroom floor. There's a lot of dealers in the city. We have do herbal three climbers and street from us the solution. Add baking Chrysler dodge Jeep ram. It's giving customers an experience they won't soon forget especially in the service department. And that's where Jamie wrecked this dad Lauren richter comes then. He's been groundless since the sixties and he wanted to have a experience as you walk into a hotel some years ago. I was at a conference. One of the speakers was Ritz Carlton Hotel. Who explained to us that. The experience. Of one of their customers happens the front door. If they have a great experience. At the front door to door men. There are most likely to leave the hotel with a great experience. Just so happens baking with moving from a leased location around the corner to its insight which opened in August. Directors make the service drive through the automotive equivalent of a hotel lobby. There's even a concierge. We in. When no higher than most gregarious bubbly. Person loving individual that we could possibly find. As customer service and athletic at aching I think. Lo Ben deckers duties range of greeting customers and taking them to the service advisor. Offering them coffee cookies are just the friendly here. I just keep imposed on their vehicles on I noticed them and then sending him after twenty minutes and sound I'll go check on their vehicle damaged part time. May strip there always aware what's going I'm just I'm just kind of middle person between the service advisors and the customers. And she then is called by the service advisor to scored for customers to their car which is also being delivered from the drive thru area. So the customer doesn't have to go outside doesn't have to look for their car. Makes for very very pleasant experience. I've had a lot of customers come news today. Voyagers service every improved since you moved into this new bill. Well it's the same technicians. But the process that reviews has changed substantially. Bake hitting awful put green arrow and red x.s above the drive room doors to keep traffic flowing smoothly in and out. And another change Renault the only precious two in the city that's open on Saturday. Opened for service that is or openly was in ninth but it just seemed not to be enough for customers opening centers has really helped when that. Lastly. Directors have made common courtesy or common sense of Lauren calls it a requirement. One of the neat things that we came out what. It is. Typically young people would use an expression no problem. Well no problem is forbidden in the solution of it was a close with my pleasure. And thank you so much. Outspend its chore getting everybody to think that way up we're reaching that the other thing. This is sort of the not nice way of describing and I told. Our staff that they used that figure. And point to where the customer has to go they just might lose. So be the intent is have a customer needs to go to the washroom. Mutate the customers to the washroom door. And the customer wants to go someplace else to do is have. We have scored do not point your finger to the customer and send them on his way. Conversation piece of their big get baking Chrysler and the biggest crime it's right here under my feet. It's a 1943. Willie G encased in the last beneath the showroom floor right by the reception desk. But mr. walking over top of the first and then looked down and it'll scared but. You don't they generally do like it and it's kind of really conversation piece kids love it can an eye catching display drive sales. Well that's the whole. I think one of the important things that exists in the car dealership today as when the customer arrives. How does he remember which dues should view is that. He will remembered that's the dealership group the Jeep Wheeler who walk away you know pose friends. About the Jeep and the poor. Hope we'll also on the book the great you are great service that they've got to do so. And above ground. In 1947. Dot pick up truck. It's been a great great consumer interest peace between the Jeep from the floor in the Dutch track. This certainly shows both sides trucks stated that test of time. Even with top competition baking fell sixty new vehicles a mop and 100 use. But that's a grand caravan of vehicle Chrysler plants that heal after 2016. Accounts for 40% of sales. Jamie richter says dealers hope Chrysler will retain the grand caravan name in Canada. But yet. It's Christian country god drink here and as long descent and passenger people mover that's you know prostrate in the marketplace stools. Change. Nothing new for the victors they've done business in Hamilton for five generations. In addition to baking Chrysler. Victim group owns. Hamilton Hyundai. And a heavy truck business. Jamie's grandfather frank richter opened the fourth story in 1957. Jamie's brother Lance now runs it. And an uncle has the Hyundai stellar work all cart guys to drooling and happier customers enjoy. We hear. Not according to Loren richter there's a big outside the candidates more relaxed franchise growth. He says Canadian dealers tend to have our better relationships that the factory then US counterparts. Thanks for watching take care.