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Paris Show Goes Practical (9/26/12)

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Wed, 26 Sep 2012|

Paris show goes practical | Sergio goes on defense | The look of distraction


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ferris goes practical. As the economic storm clouds swirl over Europe the show goes on in the city of lights. That's next. Thanks for looking in on this Wednesday I'm -- Snyder -- more back as the day off. When the Paris auto show opens to the press tomorrow. Europe's slumping car market will occupy as much attention as the cars themselves. Low cost no -- cars like this the -- from GM's Opel unit. VW's new golf. He -- us from Toyota. They will be a common theme is auto makers show how they are adapting to the market crisis look for less buzz about full electric cars. And more attention on green crossovers. As auto makers hope to lower environmentally conscious families. There will be some exceptions to the practical line up the New York Times says look for flashy debuts from British carmakers. Land Rover and jaguar as wells offerings from Bentley and McLaren. For some volume carmakers like Fiat. Europe's economic woes have hit particularly hard Bloomberg says Fiat in fact is the only major European carmaker not showing in new model in Paris. And CEO Sergio Marchionne is under fire in Italy for backing off a plan to invest 26 billion dollars to boost production. In exchange for labor concessions. In his speech to Fiat directors this week. Marchionne insisted he has no plans to abandon the Italian side of the business despite spending a lot of time and energy on Chrysler. Marchionne also stepping up a long lasting war of words with his counterpart at Volkswagen chairman Ferdinand. While it's still feel them. The president has to be there when there. That was Marchionne last year then as now the issue. Renewed efforts by VW to add Al for a mailed to its stable of brands. Speaking today interim. Marchionne said quote mr. yeah stop it go and things somewhere else. No comment from VW that report is from Bloomberg. Finally we have a test of sorts for you which of the following screens is the most legible. This. Or this. When it comes to screens in the car at the tight spaces does make a difference according to a new study. The researchers by the MIT age lab and -- type imaging holdings a company specializing in tight spaces. They compared how often drivers glanced -- the screen using two different type faces. And concluded that it's easier to read so called humanist. And square grotesque. We have a tight case that's easier to read it's quicker read. You be able to have a much quicker plans off the road and back on. For men the type -- made a big difference and driver distraction. How much while on highway speed. Of course the safety -- difference and traveling be talking -- -- interface to oppose what I'll do this in front of them. Attributed to that -- face characteristic -- We believe this is a call to action to the government the -- out there on that really set the guidelines and standards for driver distraction. Women experienced less of a difference in destruction rates. And that is our show for today thanks for watching everybody we'll see you back here. Tomorrow.

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