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Lexus Concedes Crown (9/28/12)

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Fri, 28 Sep 2012|

Lexus concedes luxury sales crown | Ghosn on Europe woes | Lapham: Want emissions with that?


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Conceding that ground -- Lexus is no longer reaching for the top when it comes to US luxury sales. That's next. Welcome back on this Friday I'm -- Snyder sitting in for Tom -- back. The battle to be number one in luxury car sales to me at least it's one of the more fascinating sporting events in the US. BMW snatch the lead from Lexus last year and Mercedes remains ahead this year. With Lexus a distant third behind BMW. Lexus was hobbled last year by natural disasters and Asia. So is it anxious to take back the title it owned for eleven years this week I spoke with Tim Morse and Lexus vice president of sales and dealer development. He said that while Lexus isn't necessarily shooting for number one in sales. It's more about being number one with a customer. And then building the -- from there but to say we're going to be the number one luxury brand from here going forward -- that's that's really not what luxury is all about. Morrison says the brand is more interested in -- topless such as the JD power initial quality study. While sales dip below 200000. Last year. This year we'll do our -- goes about 240000. We shoot it over to forties now a lot. Be 20% increase and that's really very successfully here. We spoke during an event outside Detroit where Lexus showed off refreshing version of the LS 460. Now Lexus is stance differs from the its rivals who don't seem to mind slugging it out public. This month Automotive News marketing seminar in New York featured a friendly showdown between -- and creed. VP of marketing for BMW North America and Bernard -- his counterpart at Mercedes. Sorry you have to -- that moment and Mercedes-Benz luxury brand the one you today it's going to be Mercedes this year. Oh. There's no question. -- -- -- Moving even further upscale Bloomberg says Ferrari Bentley and Lamborghini or bracing for slower growth in Europe. As the debt crisis saps demand even for high priced toys for the wealthy. Speaking of Europe Renault Nissan CEO Carlos own is warning that Renault in its current form would disappear. If it's able to compete at home and France. He repeated the goal to me knees on top seller in Europe but as for the downturn there. The best way to get to get it is who can really enhance our exports in markets which are much more strong. Back giant dollar and rush off already in the southeast of these dollars to these won't let states. For what god isn't in in Europe. In Paris today Renault Nissan and Tyler said they were expanding their partnership. They will jointly develop turbocharged gasoline engines and share transmission technology. Time for Automotive News executive editor Edward lap on this week there's a new theory in the -- Now here's tasty story. A new study by the University of California at Riverside. Found it char broiling hamburger creates more part particulate emissions than diesel trucks do. If that makes sense. Advance clean diesel technology and the low sulfur fuel. Have eliminated most of the diesel pollutants. Including the aromatic -- Black smoke they used to billow from stacks up -- liners and Peter built some -- -- Jimmy's as they roll down height is across the fruit and plain. Even so most environmentalists. Discount. The viable ability of clean diesels to reduce carbon emissions or improve fuel economy. Especially in cars. They prefer electrification. Look according to the study you'd have to drive an eighteen Wheeler. 143. Miles to create saint particulate emissions as -- one juicy hamburger. Clean diesels might not be for everyone. But who could resist a charmed world hamburger. Even if that is dirty here -- truck. Edward -- and that's how -- -- said. Thank you for watching. Comes back on Monday we'll see you back here. Them.

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