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Counterfeit-airbag alert (10/10/12)

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Wed, 10 Oct 2012|

U.S. sounds alarm on fake airbags | Jeep over Eminem? | A Lexus ad that moves


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Scam alert. The federal government warning about faulty airbags. What dealers we know. That. Welcome to the newscast. I'm Tom Moore back. They're supposed to be the last line of defense for drivers involved in the severe crash. But as we told you this morning on the first shift. US regulators are warning consumers and repair professionals. About counterfeit airbags being used as replacement parts for vehicles. This is how airbags are supposed to work. But as you can see in this government footage fake ones may not work at all or even -- an explosive release of metal shrapnel. Who is at risk. This is says consumers who've had their air bags replaced within the last three years. At a repair shop that's not part of a new car dealership. Also people who bought used cars with air bags. That were replaced after crash or whose cars are classified. As salvage or rebuilt. Plus people who purchased replacement air bags on line. Are -- so where do dealers comment. Well this this is consumers should call auto manufacturers. To arrange to have their cars inspected. -- if necessary. To replace the bags at customer expense. And the agency has issued guidelines to help dealers identify counterfeit air bags. And one final note the government says new car buyers who haven't had their air bags replaced. Should not be at risk. Neither should those who know the full history of their used cars. In -- sure the bags were replaced at a new car dealership. Car facts that today it will let consumers check their car's airbag deployment history. For free. GM has a question for volt -- How much does that cost to charge the plug in hybrid. It costs about to die attitude on its funny today -- probably. Twelve dollars. To help answer that question GM's OnStar unit is testing a Smartphone app that tells owners how much they are spending. It also shows how much of -- home's energy the volt is consuming. OnStar is testing the -- hub -- up with residents of the pecan street demonstration project. That's a Smart -- living community. In Austin, Texas. So marketing notes now. It in the last couple of years Chrysler has cranked out some very powerful -- First there's 111 Super Bowl spot starring rapper Eminem. It's the motor city. -- this what we do. Can can can can can. A year later halftime in America with actor Clint Eastwood. But according to Chrysler boss Sergio Marchionne. Those words the most pivotal commercials in the auto maker's recent history. This is always been -- nation. Craftsman. As the Detroit Free Press reports Marchionne says the ad that marked a new chapter for the automaker. Was this one. This our new son was imagined. -- and -- here in America that commercial for the Jeep Grand Cherokee pays homage to American manufacturing. Finally check this out. Lexus is bringing a Sports Illustrated print -- for that yes to life. But you'll need an iPad for this one it's called separate. IPad users can animate the prince by placing underneath it. In iPad running Alexis video. In what you know we can also watch this show on your iPad. To see how go to other Slash. I. Thanks so much for watching everyone. We'll see you back here tomorrow.

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