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GM, Detroit Debated (10/12/12)

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Fri, 12 Oct 2012|

GM, Detroit debated in primetime | VW budget brand? | Lapham on Caddy’s executive ‘call’


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Detroit. Debate -- the vice presidential candidates spar over the auto bailout. We've got highlights coming up next. Thanks for inviting us in on this Friday. The US government's rescue of General Motors and Chrysler got a bit more airtime during last night's vice presidential debates in Kentucky. The presidential candidates. Incumbent Barack Obama in challenger Mitt Romney were mum on the topic during their first battle earlier this month. But Thursday's VP Joseph Biden Democrat came out swinging when asked about reducing. Unemployment. We knew we had action middle class we immediately went out -- rescue General Motors we went ahead and made sure that we cut taxes for the middle class. And in addition of that when that happened when that occurred what did Romney do. Romney said now let the -- bankrupt. Biden referring to Mitt Romney's 2008 op Ed in the New York Times titled let Detroit go bankrupt. In that piece Romney called for more of a managed bankruptcy. Without federal cash. This was the response from Romney's Republican running mate all right he talks about Detroit. -- -- -- They -- -- it Romney's dad George a former CEO of American voters. Importantly keep in mind Republican president George W. Bush started the bailout process. In late 2008. Volkswagen may launch a new low costs somewhere and -- one in fifteen. The goal to take on rivals including Renault dusty. And -- -- Dotson in places like Brazil. Sources telling German news outlets that VW is aiming for a price range. Between 6513. Thousand dollars for the vehicles. Which may include a minivan wagon in small sedan. VW would be the latest automaker to tackle the tricky segment. -- 1996. -- Fiat pal Leo many are. Hit -- low price. But missed because buyers wanted in affordable car that -- the whole family. Auto builds his VW is adopting the more successful formula. Opera knows no frills 2004. -- -- Logan. It was mid size with an older in fully amortized platform. In power -- This potential push for budget cars comes. Is VW ponders whether to delay the launch of big Bentley and Lamborghini news super luxury. Action movies. Lately top managers at GM must be willing to try something new here's Automotive News executive editor at overlap on with history. On the latest such move. GM is taking heat for putting its chief lobbyist Robert Ferguson in charge of global marketing for Cadillac. That's a big challenge especially for a guy who spent more of his career AT&T. And GM. Including CEO Dan Akerson and Ed Whitacre GM has hired several former Telecom execs and given a big jobs. At least three already bailed out. You know a year and a half -- -- visited with Ferguson and GM's Washington office and he seemed waddle had it. Who knows Ferguson may turn out to be just a guy to drive Cadillac where it needs to go out. You know there's nothing wrong with GM recruiting highly skilled executives from telecommunications. If they have -- determination. Adaptability. Instinct and yes the courage to become real car guys. By the way you -- GM has gone too far in hiring folks from Telecom. If the -- character from laughing and it's elected to GM's board of directors. Wondering -- campaign. To bring -- didn't think. I'm Edward Latham and that's how IC. Now that you're in the thing that's common thanks mister Latham and say you for watching. We'll see you back here on Monday.

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