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GM-Peugeot: Progress (10/22/12)

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Mon, 22 Oct 2012|

GM CEO expects update by Oct. 31; Chrysler seeks to make Jeeps in China; Hendrick, AutoNation dealer universities


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And they Monday edition of first shift I'm Jennifer bond. Later on other dealers go back to school but first daily headlines. General Motors CEO Dan Akerson says. His company is making progress on its alliance with printed PSA -- shows that throw line. GM has set an October 31 deadline for an agreement on product development and the supply of vehicles and power trains. Said Akerson. It's just say we'll have something to comment publicly on by that date. He also noted that the deadline allows for a postponement. Akerson spoke to Bloomberg in Brazil before the Sao Paolo auto show. Inpatient meanwhile GE and it may be looking to gain complete control of it felt Korean unit. GM now owns 77%. Did GM Korea. That Korea Development Bank owns 17%. And that they CEO says GM international chief Tim Lee has been an informal offer to buy the bank's -- No comment from GN. This state run bank has the power to Vito GM's decision ends. GM curry builds about 25% of all Chevrolet is sold globally. And it cheap production and it may be returning to China. He Chrysler Asia boss Mike Manley telling Bloomberg. That Fiat is in very detailed conversations. With Chinese partner -- show automobile group about making jeeps. Jeep sales have doubled in China this year. Some of the nation's biggest dealership groups are putting employees. They're -- coaching for sure and six that. And Hendrick automotive group is one event. Next with headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. Is Hendrick university. Before the school's founding in 1999. Employee turnover rate with that 53%. Now 30%. University of vice president John Lincoln says well trained employees. Are simply going to perform batter. But more importantly he says the tour really comes into play when there's a trying situation. Today this school offers more than twenty courses on topics such as sales techniques and financial services. The nation's sixth largest retail group which operates 84 stores. Spend more than one point five million dollars a year to run the school. All employees can attend. Now about 700 miles away in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is other nations headquarters. Where most of its class is -- general manager university program are held. The largest dealership chain in the US requires every general manager hired or promoted there. To go after the yearlong program. The goal to teach managers how to six feet in the AutoNation world use it systems and processes. AutoNation COO -- Ernie says. It's very difficult for someone out why the organization. Economy and NB -- I did then if they have good car scale. To read more of these stories check today's print issue of Automotive News. Now -- first shift facts 24 hour. That's that many dates apply on October 1 the lowest in the industry. Following mini Hyundai. Kia Audi and BMW. That is next time for now. We'll -- you back here tomorrow.

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