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Honda’s N.A. Plant Plan (10/22/12)

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Mon, 22 Oct 2012|

Honda N.A. plant plan | Shifts for Lincoln marketing, Taurus assembly | Ram’s big win in Texas


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Growth potential. We'll talk sales in production with the boss at American Honda. That's next on auto news now. It's nice to see you on this Monday I'm Tom war back. American Honda is ready to build more cars suvs and light trucks and its factories in North America. It all depends however on which vehicles segments see the most growth in the coming years. CEO -- -- they were mirror telling Automotive News that Honda's annual North American sales. Will rise to more than two million units by 2016. That would be up from around one point seven million this year. -- America expects Honda to increase sales in all segments especially in small cars. One nameplate in particular comes to mind. CB is. Quite think what I'm mortal and -- was to be popping up in a statement. The civic in the midst of a mid cycle change. After initially being panned by some critics. Important note through September. The civic has seen a 40%. Boost in US sales. From an earthquake hampered a year earlier. As far as production goes Honda plans to assemble 200000. Small cars annually at a plant in Mexico. That facility is slated to open in 24 team. In the company intends to add 40000 units of capacity next year at its plant in Lincoln Alabama. Which makes the Odyssey. Pilots and ridge line. Ford has a new marketing boss for its growing portfolio. Of electric vehicles. The Detroit Free Press reports CJ O'Donnell who has been the head marketer at Lincoln. We'll try to jumpstart EB advertising and sales at the bloom mobile. For example the Ford Focus electric. He's been on sale since April. Only 228. Units have been sold through September. Four has yet to name a new global marketing manager for Lincoln. In the free press has learned of production of the next gen Lincoln -- yes in Ford Taurus. Is expected to move to Michigan's flat rock plant in a couple of years. Ford currently assembles these MPS in course in Chicago. At a plant that also makes you explorer SUV. And police versions of the explorer in Taurus. You -- were all the flat rock facility was known as the auto alliance international. When it was building Ford in Mazda vehicles. Ford took full control of the plan back in September of the facility already builds the mustang. And we'll begin building the fusion next year. Drivers in the state of Texas love their pick up trucks in one very influential group. The Texas auto writers association. Has named -- one in thirteen ram 15100. That truck of Texas. Some fifty judges evaluate everything from off road performance to fuel economy. The 2012 truck of Texas. Was the Ford F 150. Finally most auto suppliers were forced to cut cost and capacity. During those tough times in 2008 in 2009. And while the industry is rebounding. Many parts makers are now struggling to preserve margins is automakers boost production. If you are included in this group Automotive News has a webinar for you this Wednesday October 24. At 2 PM Easter. Did and Sharkey a lawyer specializing in supply contracts. Will spell out ways to take full advantage of the industry's comeback by managing contracts to meet your customer's expectations. Much more information you can go to auto Slash power for. I'm on assignment tomorrow -- flyers and we'll see yourself.

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    We would like to welcome you back to the Los Angeles auto show. She's gents I'd top. Feeling green that's stories coming up but first let's talk luxury. Cadillac all new XT five crossover making its North American debut today. It is 270. Pounds lighter than the NS RX midsize crossover it replaces. A three point six liter V6 makes 310 horses in this hooked up to an eight speed automatic transmission. Here's Cadillac president you'll hunt tonight should it while we obviously would be happy to take customers from any of our competitors. But the segment leaders. Ole Ole Ole big plays in the segment must include. Lexus RX. The Audi Q five. The BM WX five and sixty models. Those would be typical. Customers that we would expect to attract. Was this a sophisticated you often from public. The XT five hits showrooms in the spring. Meantime Mercedes-Benz unveiling a new at Al roadster. The 2017 model offers more horsepower than its predecessor. A ninth speed transmission in five driving votes. The US style also features an automatic drop top deck and pulled away at speeds of up to 25 miles per hour. It's fourth a new diamond grills and a long muscular it. Look for a starting price north of 100000. Dollars when it launches in this spring of 26 team. Speaking of driving with the top down this is the Land Rover Range Rover evoke convertible. It features a lightweight canvas roof that can hold up in just eighteen seconds. A Turbo charged gasoline four cylinder will turn out 240 courses. Pricing starts at 52465. Dollars B evoke convertible hit showrooms in the spring of 26 day. Let's turn to some slightly more fuel efficient models. Green car journal holding its annual green car of the year awards ceremony this morning. The Audi a three. And in the end. The creator of the succeed. You're here. Six people. The award has been handed out at the LA auto show since 2005. We have more industry news to tell you about our Ursula is really is in the newsroom with more. Thanks Tom and Jan more news on the labor front. The UAW and German auto union IG metal. Announcing today that they are joining forces in adventure called the trans national partnership initiative. Initiative will focus on representing auto workers. At German manufacturing plants in the US out. And we'll have an office in Spring Hill Tennessee. The unions say they believe some German manufacturers. Are exploiting low wage environments in the south. Now the partnership comes as the UAW continues its upper to organize at the Volkswagen's Chattanooga plant. Where workers voted against representation. Nearly two years ago. Meanwhile yesterday the National Labor Relations Board approved a UAW petition. Or an election by skilled trades workers at the Chattanooga plant. The vote will take place on December 3 and fourth. And a quick update on the UAW Ford vote. The proposal labor contract will fail. Unless local 600 workers in Dearborn Michigan where that's 150 pickup is built. Approve the deal by a wide margin. According to our latest tally. No votes are outpacing yes votes by 18100 ballot. Final results are expected as early as Friday. For the latest on the vote stay with auto Eggs are slump and that is our time for today. Much more news and information from the LA auto show comes your way on Friday. Have a great day everyone.