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NADA Joins Tesla Fray (10/24/12)

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Wed, 24 Oct 2012|

NADA joins Tesla fray | Acura and Kia display mobile might | Volvo’s autonomous vehicle goal


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten over Tesla. Auto maker's retail placements are being debated. We'll -- big US dealer group -- involved in the discussion. The answer that. Welcome to the newscast on this Wednesday. Electric carmaker Tesla is being sued by dealer associations. In Massachusetts. And New York. They contend test -- factor Rio stores violate franchise in consumer protection laws. The dealer groups say Tesla should use independent franchised dealers as other auto makers do. According to the National Automobile Dealers Association. 48 states prohibit or restrict factory ownership of dealerships. Speaking to journalists in Detroit Tuesday. And ATA chairman bill underwriters said. His group would not join in on the legal action by state dealer associations. Against Tesla. Sort -- No that's a mistake by state basis we don't we will help them yes that's that's. That's for sure we've got a whole mess of lawyers in Washington that to work on state franchise laws. Directly nobody indirectly yes. And now we've learned and they DA wants to meet with Tesla and its boss Elon -- about the company's retail strategy. Underwriter telling Bloomberg and they DA has serious concerns about test was intentions. Must meantime says Tesla is playing by the rules. He says existing franchise Steelers have a conflict of interest between selling gasoline powered vehicles. The bulk of their business and selling dvds. Quote it is impossible for them to explain the advantages of going electric. Without simultaneously. Undermining. Their traditional business. Nearly a third of car shoppers who intend to buy or lease a new vehicle within the next two years. Visited mobile versions of automotive web sites -- Smartphones to researcher vehicle purchase. And that's up from 24%. Last year and 17%. In one intent. The numbers coming from JD powers 2012 automotive mobile site study. And get this more than half of consumers who use Smartphones to researcher vehicle before buying. Do so -- that the store in in some cases undermined the sales -- role as an educator. 26 year old Larry's then GM at Warren Henry auto group in Miami. Recently told us his staff is ready for tech savvy customers. Regardless of age. I do have a lot of young employees my employees are very focused on technology and reviews and things that I gonna bring individual customers through them for more than anything it's about the experience they provide for everybody. By the way Acura and he has mobile web sites ranked highest in the study tied for first place. Now that Google is testing its self driving car. Bloomberg reports auto makers and US regulators are anticipating what's safety obstacles must be overcome. To make vehicle autonomy. A reality. It's administrator David Strickland saying Tuesday quote. Automated driving in the components of it. Really is that next evolutionary step for what we see as safety technology. In the passenger fleet. At the automated vehicles -- in Washington which was sponsored by -- Strickland said the technology. Must be reliable. Global -- autonomous driving as part of its goal to eliminate deaths among people driving its cars by 21. The automaker wants US regulators to take the lead. So states don't pass varying laws that may restrict passed it. Were you that now. As always we thank you for watching. We'll see you back here tomorrow.

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