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Toyota Sales Pace Cools (10/26/12)

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Fri, 26 Oct 2012|

China chills Japanese giant’s Q3 growth; U.S. Oct. sales may approach Sept. strength; Snyder: U.S.-Europe II


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Hello I'm Jennifer bond. Match US and European auto rescues. Jessica Schneider returns with a part to report. But first a look at your headlines. Toyota reporting today that its global sales rose 28%. To seven point four million in the first nine months of the year. Normally that would be an impressive increase. But it marks a decline from the 34%. Gain chalked up after six months. Plunging sales in China following anti Japan protests in that country. Cool Toyota's third quarter gains. EPA says the global sales race with General Motors could tighten as a result. Toyota had overtaking GM through June bouncing back from last year's earthquake in Japan. Look for Toyota to posing as much as say 20% rise in US sales for October. Group vice president bill -- cheering the forecast in an interview with Bloomberg. That would be a sharp falloff from recent months -- not a maker reported gains it high is 87%. But it should still be strong enough to get to a yet adopt another boost in US market share. And -- total light vehicle sales in the United States will -- 11%. So says JD power & Associates in its latest forecast. What's more the seasonally adjusted annual sales rate is projected to hit fourteen point eight million. That would be just shy of September's fourteen point nine million which was the highest since March 2008. -- JD power analyst saying in improving job market low interest rates and rising consumer sentiment. Are helping overcome a fragile economy. Auto makers will release their tallies on November 1. Yesterday are just -- senator discussed how the US auto market hasn't rebounded. While you -- up is still falling. Today Jesse tells us why. A quick recap if you're just joining us. Yesterday we showed how European and US auto sales -- since 2007. EU volume falling less than in the US in the first two years of crisis that a US rebound but Europe continued dropping. Why the different paths the biggest factor in auto sales is the economy. The US economy is growing and EU economies mostly -- so US auto sales are healthier. But governments don't let a vital industry die they already under the rescue. But their economies and the structure of the US and the U dictated the form of individual rescues. The US government -- General Motors and Chrysler through bankruptcy court where they shed plant's workers and -- painful. But the downsized companies survive the rescue goal. The EU is 27 sovereign nations each with intense self interest. The European auto industry had to cut capacity. But individual governments didn't want local downsizing. They wanted to save local jobs. EU bailouts were cash to buyers to boost local sales and save local jobs. Downsizing. Didn't happen. Two reasons rivalry and job mobility. Look -- competition between EU member states plays out in the US carmaker looks at five plants and shots one. In Europe those plants are in five different countries. Each government demands any closing be in another country offers cash to stay. And smiles at anybody organized in a local boycott. Traditionally the auto maker fools -- closes no plants cut capacity 20% of all five and swallows the lost the efficiency. The latest crisis could change that. This week forwards that it'll close a Belgium plant that's different. Or maybe nothing changes PSA Peugeot Citroen plans to close a plant in all of France this week France said. We'll give you the rescue you need if only stays open. Now mobility. Americans changed jobs Easley. Lose the job get another relocate can do European jobs are hard to get harder to replace. With 38 official languages and EU real low can mean a new tongue your kids. Still on university track or trade school. Germans less mobile workers must give six months notice to change jobs. You can find a new place which it may have to buy kitchen. Here's ours when we -- again and 9000 euros later. Bottom line. Europe and the US and their separate and on equal auto industries offer unique opportunities. And challenges. Jennifer. Thank you Jesse for that report. That is their time for now enjoy your weekend and -- you Monday morning.

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    Welcome to name my. Morning edition first shift from the Annie. Yeah and I'm Tom Moore back on Sunday the American international automobile dealers association. Welcomed it's new care. Connecticut dealer Bradley Hoffman has plenty on his agenda. Off except in the gavel from 2014 chairman Larry called. Moments later laying down the gauntlet. Our elected officials need to witness firsthand. That international name plane auto dealers are forced to be reckoned with the we are going to sit back and watch federal taxes. And financial regulations chip away. At the businesses that we've all built. Hoffman vowing to work to ensure dealers rights are respected by the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. It one other big item on his agenda. Encouraging congress to pass so called Trade Promotion Authority that would allow the US to pursue trade agreements with Japan and Europe. Also with a meeting of visibly moved as it's excepting that Davis at London and senior lifetime achievement award. You just don't know. What it means to me. He owns its Patrick dealership group which any ID DA says is California's largest African American owned dealership group. Let's move to millennial. Over the weekend we told you how they can't influence the vehicle buying process. Turns out they are also changing house source our staff. A new hires and when he thirteen 47% of wage and line. And that's millennial made up 27%. Of the dealership workforce up from 23%. In 2012. That's according to the NE DA dealership workforce report released in December. Why the increase. With the declining. Unemployment rate we know from the US bureau blaze which physics at the pool of available talent. Is heavily weighted towards can walk. Ten kriegel sperm PSI trends designed the study he says some millennial can lose interest in a hurry. Nest like trade bill believes it's important for dealerships to engagement and wires early and often. When and I'm aligning all. Just shows up to their first their work. You know it needs to be special you know you need to make it's special because if you don't engage them in that initial period. And you world. And you'll lose them it within ninety days. Crable says offering millennial training opportunities it is strong retention tool. Now news coming out of the franchise meetings here. Toyota plans to sell 2.4 million vehicles in the US this year. Across its toll go to Lexus inside on divisions that's up from 2.3 seven million units in 24 team. Some of that extra volume will come when the redesign 2016 Tacoma pick up reaches showrooms during the fourth quarter. Buick and GMC hope trucking crossover sales will help the brand thinking US markets here again this year. Deliveries and both brands grew 11% last year in a market up six. Finally there was plenty of star power at this year's convention former tonight show host Jay Leno provided lots of laughs on Saturday. Indeed he did and with the Super Bowl just days away NFL hall of fame quarterback Ron Amadon side footballs at the auto alert displayed. Young played in Tampa Bay and of course right here for the 49ers in San Francisco. We'll hear from Audi got PO later today on hot and is now figure everyone who was the view that.

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