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Dealers Brace for Sandy (10/29/12)

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Mon, 29 Oct 2012|

Dealers brace for Hurricane Sandy | Honda cuts forecast | Ford sheds trace of Visteon | 'Pro bass' Tundra at SEMA


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good to have you went back on Monday I'm Jennifer bombed. Custom con artist takes sin city we'll explain after these headlines. With hurricanes and the expected to make landfall later today. Auto dealers in the north eastern new plans are preparing to -- the devastating Shane. Dealers many drying from lessons learned it during Hurricane -- last year. Our -- generators. Backing up computer files secure there paper records and moving inventory to higher ground. That massive storm is sure did take some steam out of who pretty US auto sales. Sales had been forecast by some analysts to reach a seasonally adjusted annual rate of fourteen point eight million. Just behind September's car a fourteen point nine million. That was the highest rate since march of 2008. With its sales in China suffering. Hunt cut its full year profit forecast today. Honda says net income will probably reach four point seven billion dollars in the fiscal year ending in March. That's 20% lower at that -- July forecast. However the auto maker reported a 36%. Jump in second quarter net and com. As deliveries in the US jumped 45%. Best story is from Bloomberg. Forward has agreed to sell its climate control business to -- thermal systems for an undisclosed price. The unit was allowed us peace though Ford's automotive components holdings business. ACH formed in 2005. When port took back seventeen hands from former pars subsidiary. Is -- -- -- clean and auto workers launched a strike this weekend at two parts plants. Target our webcast industries which is a -- exhaust manifold producer and -- maker lean year. And it may and labor at opal are getting themselves more time. To draft a plan to restructure GM's European unit. -- union spokeswoman says a deal may take 23 more months. They deadline was last Friday. You know let's say accessories making outfits and there are a lot of that going on in the car world. Can't stop the angles specialty equipment market association show. Yes and in Las Vegas all about performance and personal basement. Some examples. To you know we'll show off not customize vehicles including in her style when he thirteen ample lines. 22 inch wheels and matte black and -- system filling -- the trunk just some of them months. And this for the ultimate fisherman. Pro bass anglers putting that Spain and the tundra full size pick up. Now keep using that show and they'll fight rights based on comic book superheroes they Justus league. Here's the banning inspired optima. Kia working with do you -- entertainment. To benefit that we can be heroes campaign. Dedicated to helping fight hunger in the Horn of Africa. Over -- chatty and upscale clinic. The brand it will display a close to production version of the sun -- sedan which Chevy plans to sell sometime and when he fourteen. What they're -- in seats and sweet accents among the features. In addition that 2013 sonic are -- -- forty hatchback will -- -- -- by -- end. And Chris there's parts and service brand -- car taking fourth customized rides his show. On -- that's a Jeep Wrangler same trooper. Fiat 500 beach cruiser. He viper and a whole lot more. So how popular is the theme show like last year it true more than 60000 domestic and international visitors. Finally I -- first shift footnote. That -- great -- robberies of Sergio -- Farina. It's in new exhibit that opened last week honoring the designer. At the farm museum in Maryland -- Italy. On display are 22 models showcasing the late payment for Arenas greatest works. -- in Farina who died in July at age 85. The exhibit runs until January sad thing. And as always we thank you for joining us take care.

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