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Ford's Rocky Reliability (10/29/12)

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Mon, 29 Oct 2012|

Sinking to near the cellar in Consumer Reports study, NY dealer preps for superstorm, Chrysler's strong Q3.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- motors and move forward Chrysler has taken a step back and board has taken several steps. Twelve. For both near the bottom of it he reliability studies. Details coming up. Welcome back on this Monday I'm Tom Moore back. We'll tell you how one dealership along the East Coast is contending with hurricane standing in just a moment. But first consumer reports calls it a perfect storm of reliability problems. Ford brand lending in 27. Place out of 28 brands were ranked this year by the magazine. The US auto maker dropped seven places in the study on top of -- ten place drop last year. And landing just one notch above Ford Lincoln. Jaguar finished laughs. Word really had a a pretty bad year this year. We've seen both Lincoln and Ford dropped many places in our ratings. A lot of problems are associated with power shift transmission still has problems that's the -- fiesta and focus. In the my Ford touch -- in Cox's. Now although why consumer reports gave three main reasons for Ford's drop. First new model missteps the magazine says the new explorer fiesta in focus all came out of the gate with more problems than normal. Second my Ford touch despite improvements CR still calls the infotainment system problematic. In third normally reliable models missing the survey. That's because consumer reports didn't have reliability data on the new escape. Fusion and Lincoln and he's -- which were redesigned for 2013. This latest news continues a string of disappointing showings by Ford. In national studies of reliability and quality. Ford also ranked number 27 in June. At that time it was in the JD power initial quality study which covered 34 brands at all. Our data showing that we should move up. We're constantly talking to customers in is no reason for Ford Motor Co. with the resource we have the technology we have to not score very well -- that survey. We do all the researcher trade data driven company we know these problems when you know -- -- promise you can attack it you can improve it you can fix it. And I data showing that we're making progress on that customers are more satisfied so. I would hope next time we talk an -- the reports comes out you're seeing the improvements that we're seeing internally. Much better news for Toyota. That automaker took the top three spots in the CR survey. With size not number one followed by the Toyota brand and Lexus the top seven finishers this year. Were all Japanese brands. Meteorologists are calling hurricane sandy a super storm more than fifty million people are threatened. And number includes folks who work at the thousands of dealerships along the East Coast of the United States. I don't want people later today haven't traveled when they shouldn't. Earlier today we spoke with rich Mullins who heads sales at -- voters in south -- New York. That's out in the North Fork of Long Island the video you see by the way is from our visit their earlier this year. On Sunday night the Mullins told the source 25 employees to stay home and take today off. The safety of staffers and customers these priority right now. And while the Chrysler Dodge Ram Jeep store is within a mile or so of South -- bay which eventually opens up to the Atlantic Ocean. Rich Mullins says the 85 year old dealership isn't prone to flooding but he had shifted -- into. Were you around I've only -- the cars like -- that report in the parking lot around the perimeter where -- -- trees. Certificate branches fault. Mullen says some area homes are boarded up the local grocery other flashlights and batteries. You expect sandy to impact told. We're sales. You know all of the businesses start second half of them are usually pretty physically. And so hopefully it won't be too -- we -- going to be maybe by Wednesday it now. What happened maybe the most capable. For the latest on how sandy is affecting dealerships and the rest of the auto industry. Stay with auto We want to move now to news out of Chrysler. The tennis star's third quarter net profit rising 80%. To 381. Million dollars. Chrysler earned 212 million dollars a year earlier. To put it in perspective. Chrysler earned 183. Million dollars in all looked -- eleven. That was its first annual net profit since emerging from bankruptcy in 2009. The company has strung together thirty consecutive months of year over year sales gains in the United States. US sales are up 24%. For September. That ends our newscast on this Monday. We'll see you tomorrow.

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