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Ford Nets $1.6 Billion (10/30/12)

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Tue, 30 Oct 2012|

Profit hits $1.6B as gains at home help offset mounting losses in Europe, Obama-Romney ad spat, Toyota's winning ways.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- you on this team game. Then we'll head of auto testing at consumer reports Jake Fisher doing it does in the studio later time. But first here's what's making headline. Form that posted a net profit of one point six billion dollars in the third quarter. Nearly matching -- year earlier total. This as record high profits in North America more than all that mounting losses in the era. That company made 2.3 billion dollars pretax in their region. Compared with about one point six billion a year earlier. In Europe however wasn't deep into 468. Million. From just over 300 million in the previous third corner. As CEO Alan -- lolly quotes. While we're facing near term challenges in Europe we are fully committed to transforming our business in era. Ford's global revenue dropped 3%. To 32 billion dollars. For more on Ford's results stay with -- Here's what else. Making news. And now after Romney's false claim -- -- outsourcing to China Chrysler itself has refuted Romney's lies the truth. She's -- adding jobs in Ohio. President Obama campaign. To begin airing in at an Ohio today. Barry Bonds went outside observers call eight -- price and locked by a Republican challenger Mitt Romney. That impression. That Chrysler is moving -- production in China. Obama took GM and Chrysler into bankruptcy. And sold Chrysler to Italians were going to build jeeps in China. The Romney added doesn't say that Chrysler is retaining and expanding its North American chief operations. -- separately -- building jeeps in China. In a blog post crisis are -- quotes. Let the record straight. -- has no intention of shifting production of its she models out of North America to China. That story is from Bloomberg which wrote the original story that Romney apparently misinterpreted. In campaign speech. And -- -- is reporting that dealership software provider Reynolds and Reynolds. If it's a sale to private equity that could match around five billion dollars. And news service cites sources familiar with the matter. Now what did you Fisher you're -- David Champion as director of on testing at consumer reports this month. -- stop fire opposites to talk more about the magazines he reliability survey released yesterday. While you're in -- a big plunge in this survey for the second year in a row. Another automaker enjoyed a much different distinction. It's Brown's number 12. And three predicted reliability. So how does -- yet I continue to hover near the top year after year. Sure says for one thing is very conservative. About remaking its. New power -- its new new engine new transmission new body in -- knew everything. Toyota on the other hand went straight to the recycling bin to create the Prius seat Prius C is a new model. It is the most reliable vehicle are -- here. But really how new is it. It's gonna platform that's really very similar to that a year which have been production for years it's got a power train. Which is almost a carbon copy of a 2004 -- again -- technology. So that conservative approach to redesigning. Really is I think what helps them make reliable car. But told members of the -- not a press association. Reliable doesn't only mean recommended. For anyone who thinks that. There is some relationship between reliability and how much we like the card there is -- because we don't like that are all it's hot -- We don't recommend it because the way performs but our subscribers are telling us that it does not break. Meantime how us -- you don't explain this here's triple -- Spokesman Kurt McAllister says her customer loyalty is won everything. Another. She just Toyota made after its recall crisis of 2010. Well we did that at that point timeless and six weeks to the product development cycle of every vehicle. So that means they've got really a mile and a half before they would briefly but we've reached the market. So that way every Carter's is bulletproof to our engineering standards before the reached the mark. Finally if first shift but notes. This 1979. Heavily armored Rolls Royce. Is going on the auction block. It's significance. It carried the late Princess Diana and Prince Charles. During those times first ever visit to the US in 1980 fine. -- auto museum in Illinois. Being the online auction next week. That car valued at two million dollars. Tomorrow on first checked in October US preview whether Jesse Snyder will you --

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