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Ford's Mark Fields: A Look Back

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Thu, 1 Nov 2012|

Ford Motor Co. appointed Americas chief Mark Fields as COO, effective Dec. 1, making him a strong candidate to succeed CEO Alan Mulally when he retires no sooner than the end of 2014. This video takes a look back at Fields' career, so far.


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They'll be great opportunities for everybody. War. In serving this great company going forward. And repeal another moment of opportunity have arrived. For years this best writing that was dogged by speculation. That he's in -- to DC you know. And for years he politely brushed the questions aside you know at -- -- leader of the American. -- up here yeah. That both fields in December CEO Alan Mulally he says it's not going anywhere soon there was no time for distractions. World staying focused on today. We'll continue to make progress. Again and that is our number one focus it's. Phillips joined Ford in 1989. As a newly minted Harvard MBA. He quickly built a reputation as a marketing winds and a man on the fast track at the house Ed Henry Ford built. And 1999. At 838. He was named president of -- the youngest ever chief of a Japanese auto company. And 2002. The 41 year old took the reins at Ford so premier automotive group. Consisting of luxury brands Volvo and jaguar. Land Rover Aston Martin and Lincoln. Failed to emerged as a possible CEO candidate way back in 2004. When bill Ford will still running the family company. By that time fields and edit the title of executive VP of Ford of Europe to his resume while still running PAG. We continue to remain focused laser focused our player when he was passed over in favor Boeing executive Allen Molly. -- what does all of CEO ambitions on hold. Instead he would learn from a Molly and he became a more relaxed self assured executives and the process. This is what the business needs. Over the years a more mature fields -- -- merit. Bloomberg says that it onetime. -- most cited in the press as a Jersey boy with a 1980s hair style. Who wants open a press lunch by thing. Aren't you going to ask me about my -- And feel -- -- that he could be a three fighter. And the book American icon. Often Bryce Hoffman -- -- near physical altercation between fields and former CFO. Don LeClair. The shouting match fit to be broken up by bill Ford himself. Ford is America's best selling brand. As head of the America -- a job he took in 2005. -- -- been a turnaround artist. Helping transform the North American operations from record losses for years ago to record profits this year. As jaguar and Land Rover Volvo Aston Martin and Mercury have all -- it from the lineup. Of the auto makers to surviving brands. We are very very excited about where -- -- I hate when Lincoln and our objective is really clear it was like we wanna make a world class. Luxury -- both -- product standpoint. Consumer experience standpoint. A year after that 2011 interview. More assurances for retailers. I'm -- only -- that. The dealers to not only to listen to a words but watch watch her actions we want to ask fields what keeps them up at night. His fans there. The excitement of seeing or grow again. We'll go through the doorways every morning and it's it's a very different dynamic when you were a growing profitable company. And there're a number of different issues that you work through as you're -- profitably as you do when you're restructuring business. And that's very very exciting and it's also very very motivated so. It's almost the adrenaline that that keeps me up at night. Amongst them. -- things. He was clearly excited about four regaining its investment great status from two ratings companies this year. And -- it the trademark blue awful barges so that fork get its money three billion dollar loan and avoid bankruptcy. To be able to kind of get this -- back Condit you know can sit and that's ours again. And we control our own destiny. And the cheerleading job doesn't stop there. Most recently he helped employees celebrate as the automaker took control of a suburban Detroit plant it had been operating with Mazda. -- -- -- For Automotive News TV. I'm Leslie Allen.

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    End. It's nice to see you again Tom back. The program is titled best dealerships to work for in North America and for the thirty year Automotive News has identified stores. That are excelling in the workplace satisfaction. Talent retention and much more. 101. Dealerships have made the list in 2014. And we have the chance to visit one of that planet Subaru in Hanover Massachusetts. Near Boston. The store bills itself as it under dealership. What does that mean legend here employees are committed to collaboration. They are very protective of mother earth. And perhaps most importantly staffers provide a low pressure sales environment. It's really nice to be able to break down. The typical stereo type that customers are expecting. To when they arrived at the dealership. Lawrie global war has been selling vehicles that who grew for five years. She says it's important to offer a fresh perspective. On the car shopping experience. Via card doesn't have to be like going to get your teeth One employee took who bruise on dealership philosophy to heart he designed this sign. You'll find no sales sharks around here. We were talking about the gun dealership and one thing that is kind of that people refer to sales people is when this sort of sitting out front. Maybe smoking or what have you ready to attack is they sort of consider sharks ready to attack. And I aid that's kind of popped into my head and I realized yeah we're kind of the total opposite of that. David Gardiner sign sits near dozens of new Subaru is the potential buyer pulls into the dealership. Gartner in his other teammates sit tight we don't go on out in the loss and approached people for the most part. Because we like to let them he admits some shoppers are surprised when a sales person doesn't visit. But then they enjoyed it can take their time. And they they come on inside and down and have a better sense of what what they want. Without this being directed toward yet you want this you want that there's another low key sales tactic. Gardeners that is the store typically allows sales personnel which it calls purchase partners to work a deal from start to finish. We don't have a mantra that comes out really. Early in the process to con takeover. And so we're kind of empowered to. To work with the customers and we are educated to kind of out of a sense of what's reasonable terms of you know a discount if there is one. Meantime claimants who grooves is intentionally higher sales personnel who have no prior auto retail experience. Jamie McGuinness is on that list. I I would a year and Fiat doesn't I've been here almost two store leadership doesn't one bad habits developed and other dealerships to quote. In fact planets and environment. Not for me I was a little intimidated getting into this industry just because it was so out of my comfort zone. But I would say just to give that a shot because it's a lot of fun and every day is different and I've really enjoyed it released till the job that and since graduating from college which. Thanks a lot since its car sales. Staffers say the subtle sales approach is helping to lift sales. Planet Subaru sold a total of 1105. New and used vehicles in 2012. That number jumped to 1628. In 2013. The store expects to sell nearly 18100 units this year in well sales numbers are important. I find that it's a very cooperative environments. Rather than being cut throat and can't wait to steal that person's customer that the stuff that happened here meantime there is these strong partnership between sales in service. Technician on the And that's the most important thing because. In his visas and up to be able to walk around walk other people help solve problems and doubtful we do hear about what we offensive. Employees say the man helping to lead this winning culture is play and it's a group president Jeff We met with him on top of the 22000. Square foot facility. Which is covered with 374. Solar panels. The system powers the entire sales operate. Should we have a commitment to the environment. Which our team members really appreciate terms of working for business that shares their values. And those beliefs are playing a role in a key metric. Moral says sales department turn over here is just 10%. The National Automobile Dealers Association reports that in 2012. Industry turned over for sales consultants. Was 62%. I think fundamentally the reason why are turnovers so low and the people enjoyed working here so much. Is that the organization runs well response to their needs we pay them competitively. And we try to provide an environment where they can do right by the customers so they enjoy serving. Staffers we spoke to state has created a very transparent organization. They that moral is highly visible and approachable and above all a terrific mentor. By the way employees completed survey as part of the best dealerships to work for assessment. Thanks so much for watching we'll see you soon.

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    He's just a situation that we can't. He's become abstinent is just back pain is so it was never expected the company you know my life in my book is in. SpaceX is pretty says story is not something you want to come here see. The possible certainly these customers are calling. Now losses you can see it. It was published. All customers that it wanna park persistent action that you're going to be because of that they don't want go to stores and all people being. Don't want to look there's two reasons for their money it was kind of mind their city. Go to solid land you know as you know do my job is not something down that. Others it was gonna you know obligations to have been put customers that service that's not gonna. That's out of the way. As you might go a 100%. these huge companies try to keep it completely private just it went well even years that bully him that he and they know. Companies. You know but

  3. Calif. Dealer Champions Chaplain Services

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    Hello I'm Jennifer bond and welcome to the dealers Today we're in Carlsbad California where you'll find motors. The twelve franchise retail chain is run by Brothers and bill and Bob This stores feature at staples you funny and most dealerships. New and used car inventories. Parts and service departments. But it's the third generation dealers have something few retailers can have a full time chaplain. We want our workforce before bush. And we've. Come to a conclusion that not only does that until just a salary. And a stable place to work. And a consistent. Work environment. But. It also entails. Trying to help for trying to offer help and others of people's lives as well. Bill Cohen says that's one reason why group offers the services of a corporate chaplains. It's part of the spiritual and wellness benefits for the company's 500 employees. In the idea started after heard about in neighboring dealers chaplain. Plus. We're additional marine base and there are full time chaplains on the marine base which I was watched for. Many years and then thought about why would not work for us but hell in a Christian did have some initial reservations. I didn't want to get involved. And a controversial area of lies and war forcing. You know. A particular. Faith on on people. But I gave it wrong. Man. Not only did. We did good response. But we found that one that it wasn't even the tip of the iceberg and so he couldn't get to know everybody in one bill way. The family business started using the services that chaplains about ten years ago. There were two others who worked part time prior to its current chaplain. The we have now Roy and Susan has been us about seven years himself he's a full time. And he. Helps people basically he is a friend. He's a friend. The 36 year old and seems who was introduced to in through a mutual friend. And business information technology background but quote a heart for ministry. The key is finding someone who has. The gift. Getting know people and having people be. Feel comfortable them from. Within thirty seconds and Roy does that he's also trained he's as America's school he's a student at buffalo. A seminary getting his degree in pastoral counseling. Merrill council and. Parts of instances duties getting to know all 500 employees. He visit storm goes the hospital and even presides over a wedding. I come from. From the person with a large Christian tradition the procedures that large. And I'm I'm heavily rooted in it. That being said I am also trying to be an ecumenical. Chaplain which means that I'm here to serve people from different. Religions and people it nonreligious. Background so atheist diagnostics. I'll say that everyone needs someone to listen to him. He Italy's people's personal and professional lives are integrated. If one portion drives the other will likely to. I'll walk around and a sales persons have been really bad month and not say how your mind going on the it's just I'm I'm just tanking. And and that's what's happening in life and it's not always this case it's you know sometimes this is the rollercoaster of sales. But other times there there there enough pop they're depressed they're going through a hard time. And then if we get the talk about it there's almost this release a bit. Right and then they're able to focus again on their work may be by the end of the month they've they've cleaned up so to speak. gets paid at 6000 dollars a month and he says he's on when he forced sudden for any crisis needs. Life is a lot about options it's about knowing different options that you might happen sometimes we're going to crisis painful situation we can't see that. And so I think that's where we need others to be able to say hey this is what's going on with me right now right it's it feels very dark right now. Right and to have somebody. That can. Not not to have all the answers. You know as a matter I don't have many answers. But just the kind of put your arm around them and say here you. I think you I think what you're going to I consider this is painful. On the physical side workers at Boeing get among other benefits. Free yoga and Pilates classes. The retail group which sold 8500 new and used vehicles last year. Also offers employees chances to get involved in charitable work. For example in the past three years eighteen of volunteers along with instance helped build homes in Mexico. That trip funded by the dealership group. Cohen says these extra benefits are enhancing employee satisfaction. I get more. Thank you letters from those that I knew when I give raises in December. And promoting from within the organization. Is key to keeping staff loyal. He says the industry has a in turnover especially in this sales arena. According to an DA data on six intense sales consultant every year. Cohen says his company values a steady at long term work force. If someone hasn't proven themselves. And done a good job for us then and and they really want to move if there's an opening always give it. internally first. It's very important for employees feel that there is a path for growth path for success. Within your organization. Of 126. Employees in the sales department. About 30% of folks have been with the company for more than ten years. If you've been in the business. Over the long haul I think. You understand it when I told you that for us. Our work forces are most Back to misuse of for a moment Cohen says that staff members who didn't give in scenes that that time of day initially. And eventually reached out to him supports. And Helen says that casual relationship. Can turn into something very meaningful. From Carlsbad California I'm Jennifer take care.

  4. Building Business With a Brotherly Bond

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    The dealers and I'm let me down. Today we bring you tale of two that. Then bill here in central Poland. And three hours away crystal on the outskirts of Chicago. Very different communities with something in common. Two Brothers who have shown that hammers nails and a lot of hard work can be a great equalizer. Right free Jay junior and Rick free today owned Illinois courtesy auto group. 42 year old rape or JR as president 38 year old Rick vice president. Who of their stores courtesy Ford Lincoln and courtesy Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram are in damn bill. If some modest town with a median household and come about 35000 dollars the third store is courtesy Buick GMC. If crystal lake a Chicago suburb where household income exceeds 78 plan. But the free day say demographics aside offering it first class experience across the board is what count. We have good strong. People processes doesn't matter where we're we're gonna so and answers them and to the right thing. Breast surroundings help. You go straight from here into the balances as real convenient and easy for. All three stars have been overhauled in the last two years each project cost at least a million dollars. It cricket. And yet. We get time but now we can see you know we can see there we can we see the return on investment the that while this a lot of money that same time now we can that. The fruits of the labour. Some work was done to conform with factory facilities programs. Today's courtesy of look a lot different from the one of a few years ago. Plus now the Chrysler storing them bill with a month up sports store a very old one. Great courtesy Ford Lincoln Mercury first dealership in 2004. He was just 31. In 2007. He had it dots but his doctors and ram trucks were relegated to a body shop behind the century old building. In late 2012. Free moved Ford and Lincoln to their own building a former Seve dealership five miles away. The movie freed his managers to specialized. And as we get that business went up quite a bit because they split in the as far as their knowledge of the cars. And we had experts on east eat each particular manufacture. Displaced face increased at both sites. Before we knew he had eaten for a aren't directly to bloom who is our customers come yeah. Probably out acts of the while. is that I don't know what it does. Is the easy online. Or. Courtesy addict Chrysler and the Dodge Ram locations years ago. Meantime in crystal lake the Buick GMC store was also renovated. It had been a Pontiac site it changed the Buick GMC just before the free days the dealership in began the overhaul. The payoff from all that work we went from. Years ago is that courtesy groups on eighty. 400 cars so everything is going going in the right direction. new sales are up 30% this year repeat and referral business are also. We have to attribute to the the remodeled the dealerships and they and they wanna come back we wanna be apart of the courtesy. And the big thing we've heard is that customers that we went. I played a reinvestment of the community they they can see it they can see the investment community. And the three days aren't confining themselves to the prairie state they built a national customer list thanks to Internet sales. A month ago one of the drivers drove all the way to. Phoenix to deliver call. David Perry is one of 100 private contractors that deliver pick up cards for courtesy. It's about trust. I've had I've I had customers to tell me. Bad. They would never deal. Would anyone else. But the three days some are old customers another free day. senior worked for Ford Motor Co. for nearly two decades before opening up Ford dealership in house legal Illinois in 1991. He kept it for nineteen years. But that didn't exactly pressure that hits the follow his example. Obviously last that education that he did that is the way to school. When when the talent and they said Africa you know you guys who have do but don't sell cars in the first thing we did with cutters. We could've taken away give bag I would be excited I don't think went by that. It was in we can wait to get back. Spent about ten years working for their father he now works them as a consultant. To strengthen their work family the free taste promote from within managers Chris bell tee and Jeff they only work both started in Internet. Fail. To see the potential almost of bringing other people in to develop us and have must rise up. Throughout the dealership. Community service is a priority for the business. As is maintaining a work atmosphere. That's a much work has more and there than you'd like to be right now is we do. If that's the good thing is my thought we'd have yet to count. We get to do we get it. And people get their cars going Alive though it is a great thing that we get to go to work. With Rick focusing on crystal late and right and then they'll have the time they is that a little sibling rivalry. Well we did wild today on the you guys It. But the type. little spring. Without that we that we all he did tonight as simple problems that we are adamant be sixty. The three days are growing again. They say four. It is in the works reporting from there and bill and crystal lake Illinois I'm Leslie Allen.