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Ford's Fields Up Close (11/1/12)

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Thu, 1 Nov 2012|

Top lieutenant assumes planning role as Mulally remains CEO; new roles for Farley, Hinrichs; plus, storm crimps Oct. sales.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Fields day. Ford name's mark fields its chief operating officer. And his boss Alan Mulally is sticking around for at least two more years. Complete coverage of today's management changes at Ford including a look at fields through the year. Thanks for looking in on this Thursday and it's only fitting Ford has promoted mark fields from president of the Americas to -- -- On this day of the week. That's because fields will lead the company's business plan review process. Which takes place each Thursday. Ford's CEO -- lolly created that meeting when he arrived in 2006. But Lally who will remain in that post at least through the end of 2014. Saying today he's stepping back from heading their critical review process. He says it's fields turn to take the hell. That -- Is where everything comes together as you know all the businesses worldwide all the functions. Every week. The plan the stress against planned it -- notification period these special attention. And mark note that process. In 2011 that the fields took us inside those meetings. We're a global leader showed charts on the status of the business. As red green or yellow you're either green on planned no problems. Yell a little bit off plan but you have a plan to fix it and read Iraq plan and it happened. Fields by the way was the first leader to show read to the new boss. -- -- isn't going anywhere any time soon. Executive chairman bill Ford reiterated today that he for first choosing their next CEO from within. While it's not a given having the COO title on his business card his foot fields at or near the front of the line. Leslie Allen looks at his accomplishments. So far. Will be great opportunities for everybody and war. In serving this great company going forward. And repeal another moment of opportunity have the ride. For years this past -- that was dogged by speculation. That he's been lying to DC you know. And for years he politely brushed the questions aside you know at apple the leader of the Americans. -- -- -- -- That both fields and December CEO Alan Mulally he set -- not going anywhere soon and there was no time for distractions. World staying focused on today. We'll continue to make progress. -- and that is our number one focus it's. Still to join Ford in 1989. As a newly minted Harvard MBA. He quickly built their reputation as a marketing -- and I'm -- on the fast track at the house Ed Henry Ford built. And 1999. At 838. He was named president of -- the youngest ever chief of a Japanese auto company. And 2002. The 41 year old took the reins at Ford so premier automotive group. Consisting of luxury brands Volvo jaguar. Land Rover Aston Martins and Lincoln. -- emerged as a possible CEO candidate way back in 2004. When bill Ford will still running the family company. By that time fields and edit the title of executive VP of Ford of Europe to his resume while still running PAG. We continue to remain focused laser focused our player when he was passed over in favor Boeing executive Allen Molly. -- what does all of CEO ambitions on hold. Instead he would learn from a Molly and he became a more relaxed self assured executives and the process. This is what the business needs all over the years a more mature fields have -- Bloomberg says that it onetime. Feels most cited in the press as a Jersey boy with a 1980s hair style. Who wants open -- -- by saying. Aren't you going to ask me about my -- And real subtle signs that he ninetieth street fighter. And the book American icon. Often Bryce Hoffman detail -- near physical altercation between fields and former CFO. Don LeClair. The shouting match fit to be broken up by bill Ford himself. Ford is America's best selling brand. -- head of the America a job he took in 2005. -- -- been a turnaround artist. Helping transform the North American operations from record losses for years ago to record profits this year. As jaguar and Land Rover Volvo Aston Martin and Mercury have all they -- from the lineup. Of the auto makers to surviving brands. We are very very excited about where we're heading heading with weight gain and our objective is really clear we can we want to make a world class. Luxury ramble for a product standpoint. Consumer experience standpoint. A year after that 2011 interview. More assurances for retailers. I'm -- only enhances the dealers to not only to listen to a words but watch watch her actions we want to ask fields what keeps them up at night. His fans there. The excitement of seeing or grow again. We're going through the doorways every morning and it's it's a very different dynamic when you're a growing profitable company. And there're a number of different issues that you work through as -- running profitably as you do when you're restructuring the business. And that's very very exciting and it's also very very motivated so. It's almost the adrenaline that that keeps me up at night. Amongst other things. He was clearly excited about -- regaining its investment great status Clinton ratings companies this year. And whip it the trademark blue all ball -- this summit fork get its money three billion dollar loan and avoid bankruptcy. To be able to kind of get this oval back Condit you know kisses good that's ours again. And we control our own destiny and a cheerleading job doesn't stop there. Most recently he helped employees celebrate as the automaker took control of a suburban Detroit plant have been operating with Mazda. -- -- -- For Automotive News TV. I'm Leslie Allen. Thanks Leslie. Several other foreign leadership changes to tell you about. Joseph Hendrix who currently heads Asia Pacific Africa. Succeeds fields as president of the Americans. Jim Farley gets global responsibility. For Lincoln and to spit your title. No executive vice president's remaining in charge of global marketing sales and service. Ford Europe boss Stephen hotel becomes president of Europe Middle East and Africa. Current for China boss David shot becomes president of Asia Pacific. And Asia Pacific Africa CFO John Lawler becomes CEO. Of the China unit. All of the moves -- officially take effect December 1. Turning now to today's other big story auto makers releasing US sales results for October. And providing a first glimpse of the effects of super storm standing on the industry. Let's take a look. At Hyundai motor America. CEO John crafted tweeting that sandy plus tight supplies of the accident and Elantra. Caused a 4% dip in sales. Nissan saw a 3% decline it is the first automaker to unleash incentives meant to spur sales in storm damaged areas. Toyota's 16%. Advance in October followed increases that have averaged 52%. Over the previous five months. American Honda sales picked up 9%. One of the biggest winners among Asian automakers was Subaru up 30%. -- sales grew 13%. Volkswagen says a quarter of its US dealerships were affected by standing. Nonetheless it reported in 22%. Jump in sales in its smallest gain since August of 2011. To Detroit now where Chrysler group saw its smallest sales boost since may of last year 10%. The increase led by an 89%. Improvement in Fiat deliveries. General Motors October sales rose 5%. And Ford's sales flat for the second month in a row. Sandy turn through an area that generates about 25%. Of US auto sales. The massive storm disrupted dealers right it months and when car buying tends to accelerate. And with that we thank you for watching this addition of auto news now tomorrow we have at -- weekly commentary for him. We'll see that.

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