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30 Years of Honda in Ohio (11/5/12)

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Mon, 5 Nov 2012|

Special Report - 30 years of Honda manufacturing in Ohio | More room for Nissan? | Tesla's Q3 loss grows | MPG hits high


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thirty years in the US. How one Honda car at the plant -- that. Change the American auto industry. That's that. Welcome to the newscast. I'm Tom war back. The first Japanese car built in America. Rolled off the assembly line thirty years ago on November 1 1982. It was a silver gray Honda Accord. It was crafted at a plant surrounded by corn fields in Marysville Ohio. Three decades later a vehicle is produced at that factory every 54 seconds. 19100 today. But the Marysville auto plant was just the beginning. There are now eleven Honda facilities producing cars transmissions. Engines and more in six Ohio communities. We'll begin our series of special reports Honda in Ohio at thirty. With employees. Who have had a front row seat to Honda's auto making history in the states. Point seven and I have 29 years almost 33 years to called Doug Roush probably in -- -- season Honda employees. Might be an understatement. Combined they have nearly a century of experience at the auto makers Marysville plant. Home so what is arguably. Honda's most important. How many of these have you seem to across. Really every model listening out here and that would be eight generations of the accord. Including the most recent 2013 version. -- now in associate chief engineer. His left his mark on these cars. In 1985 model I'd probably put windshields and everything. This quarter or. -- -- -- As for Roush he was in the third group of people hired by Honda to make motorcycles. In Marysville back in 79. But he says that many folks were wary of Honda when I first started working here there are a lot of people or very. Skeptical about working for Japanese company. The vet never bothered him. Today 4400. Workers walked through these doors. Bay who was trained in Japan. Is motivated by the -- increasingly aggressive competitors. He says the latest generation is more advanced and as a result is more complex to assemble. And sometimes quite honestly that burden will will lie in the process and on the associate to make sure that they understand the differences in the features of the car. And and attacks were installed the appropriate parts accordingly but plant manager Jeff tomko went through its employees here. Aren't afraid of a good challenge. He says Marysville was the first US auto -- to implement the rolling model change in 1987. It's still happening today. We're -- 2012. -- off and -- 2013. Right behind it. We -- shut down no down time a process he attributes the proper planning. And execution. By his crew. Obviously we all Wear white uniforms for the same reason reason we're one team and we believe that the only way we can roll this product off -- line. Is to do it together as a team. Last Thursday on its anniversary. Honda said it will spend 200 million dollars on injured and transmission factories in Ohio. Hiring 200 workers. Next week on this program more on -- growing research and development efforts. In the states. And he's done now and it says it will lead another North American assembly plant within five years. That is after reaches its goal of 10% US market share. CEO Carlos -- telling our own -- rival that the additional capacity could be used to build infinity. Through October. Besides group market share in the US stood at seven point 9%. Besides his two vehicle assembly plants in the US into Mexico. With plans for a further. Electric carmaker Tesla sought its losses grow in the third quarter. The company lost nearly 111. Million dollars. A year earlier it lost 65 million. Revenues grew 16%. To fifty million dollars. As for gasoline powered rides. Average fuel economy for vehicles sold in the US is up for the third straight month. The University of Michigan transportation research institute says that in October. The average vehicle got 24 point one miles per gallon. That's up from 23 point eight in September. October's figure was the highest rate in at least five years. In October 2007. The average was just twenty point one miles per gallon. And tomorrow morning -- first shift Ford in the case of the missing him and he's not wanna miss that. We'll see you back here tomorrow afternoon.

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