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Suzuki Quits U.S. Autos (11/6/12)

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Tue, 6 Nov 2012|

A C-Max Hybrid buyer embarks on a mission; Suzuki ending U.S. auto sales, seeks Ch. 11; Olympic swimmer's Nissan ad.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good to -- you on this Election Day Tuesday I'm Jennifer bond. Lost and PG. Health are leery Fella cat get more mileage out of his -- Max stay tune after these headlines. Lowe's sales litigation costs and unfavorable foreign exchange rates. Have proven too much for American Suzuki. The company announcing late yesterday. That it will stop selling cars in the US as it filed for Chapter Eleven bankruptcy protection and American Suzuki it will continue its motorcycle and marine engine business unit's annual -- auto customer warranties. In his statement the company said quote. While the decision to discontinue. New automobile sales in the US was difficult to make. Today's actions were in applicable under these circumstances. Japanese parent company's Suzuki motor corporation. Is not filing for bankruptcy. Suzuki has about 204 US dealers. Those retailers had sold just over 21000 vehicles after October. That's 5% lower than last year in an overall market that's up 14%. Suzuki reached its US sales -- five years ago topping 100000. He's son has cut its full year net income forecast by 20%. To afford billion dollars. This after anti Japanese protests caused sales in China to tumble. Nissan's net profit rose almost 8% in the July to September period. To about one point three billion dollars. BMW's earnings increase to 14%. In the third quarter. As growth in China helped offset a market downturn in -- Earnings before interest and taxes rose to nearly two point six billion dollars. They want to lithium ion battery maker they want to three systems. Has won court approval to borrow fifty million dollars from Chinese auto parts giant ones young group. Bloomberg says one -- on replaces Johnson Controls. As the lender for you want to threes Chapter Eleven case. Finally. Say we're surprised by this one. Hyundai and Kia had been hit with a federal lawsuit. Filed on behalf of three consumers who -- vehicles whose fuel economy was overstated. This suit was filed in Ohio. It seeks unspecified damages and class action status. On Friday at the auto makers admitted selling some 900000. US vehicles from the when he 11102013. Model years. Within pleaded mileage ratings. Fourth has been touting this -- -- hybrids EPA rating of 47 miles per gallon in the city. 47 on the highway and 47 combined. Well Mary -- cat recently bought one. And after logging more than a thousand miles he was averaging slightly over 37 and PG. So wet for its invitation. He went chief engineer for this -- -- John David tough out what was going online. OK so tell me a little bit about the five who box here. Sure so we have. What we really called coaching tools in the left hand side of the screen because -- mark age. John Davis -- along with me in my C -- passing along tips for the best -- to accelerate. Optimal method for breaking and what he calls -- Paulson glide system. Really sort of coasting technique course every chance we do that we can drive more on -- electric power. And or recapture some energy is needed. And that's another one of our efficient driving techniques from a hybrid perspective. After reviewing onboard displays -- my driving habits Davis decided that my biggest problem speed. With a 120 mile daily commute to work more than half of the round is on the highway. With a legal speed limit of seventy miles per hour. The ability to really use the TV system to its capability is up to 62 miles an hour. What happens is if you drive it speeds say it 75 miles an hour and greater. You can see efficiency loss as much as 1520 area that point 5%. So that's how important speeded. Bottom line his suggestions to improve MPG. Use the C matches cruise control on the highway as much as possible. And accelerate and brake more evenly and some good news he says mileage will rise up to 2%. When my cars -- -- I'm willing to keep trying to reach the promised 47 number but if I never make it well there's always diesel. Thanks Larry and of course will let you know if you reaches that 47 goal. Now if first shift at flash. -- -- in eleven time Olympic not a list for a new ad campaign. Hi I'm Ryan not reminding you to make a powerful first impression. You may not have one -- but you can be gold in the all new Nissan century. And online spots locked he helps to -- UT series centered on the theme did better with center. It all the couple through dating miss -- while promoting key features of their redesigned car. You can check out the comedic episodes and -- -- YouTube channel. Thanks so much for watching your show and just forget to go to the polls and vote we'll see you soon.

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