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Days of Eagles and Geos (11/6/12)

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Tue, 6 Nov 2012|

As Suzuki plans exit, a look at brands gone by | Mitsubishi: 'We're staying' | A plug-in fire mystery


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The departed. Suzuki is the latest auto maker to pull out of the US. We look at other bad that have disappeared. And one name facing an uphill climb. We'd like to welcome you back on this Tuesday. Mitsubishi. Is clearly struggling in the US. Through October still stand at 50103. Units. That's down 29%. From a year earlier. And not a pace that would be 16. Of the company's 2002 sales -- Despite the numbers Mitsubishi president -- movements Sunoco telling Automotive News Asia editor -- rival quote. We have no intention whatsoever. Of withdrawing from the US market. This follows yesterday's announcement that Suzuki is ending automobile sales in the US. Once the last Suzuki is sold. Mitsubishi. Will hold the title of Japanese automaker with the fewest number of sales in the states. Let's Sunoco says the recent sales slide is due in large part to the discontinuation. Of four main models the eclipse. -- -- spider Golan sedan and endeavor crossover. He expects new vehicles will boost US sales to 80000 units in the next fiscal year. -- -- speaks here through a translator. You. Who convinced we will continue that through this list -- September. Nice sense of relief that it's. It's possibly thousands. Mitsubishi plans to ramp up annual production of its outlander sport in Normal, Illinois. The plant currently makes 50000 units a year. That number is expected to reach 70000. Next year and some of those vehicles will be exported. -- last week Mitsubishi named a new chairman for North America. Guy you who so he faces among other issues mounting operating losses. You know as we mentioned Suzuki is just the latest brands have fadeaway from the American market in the last quarter century here so. We did a quick check of our archives and here purchase some of the names that have disappeared from view web show world's. -- -- -- -- One of the earliest to leave the scene American voters absorbed by Chrysler in 1987. From that deal -- the eagle brand in that lasted just a decade. The year before eagle died so did Chevrolet is GO sub brands. A few years before that we saw the end of this sterling and you go for an Japan's Daihatsu. And France's Peugeot. Both checked out 1993. Two years later we got hold out for -- a lot of the US market. Korean brand they -- departed in 2002. Some of the biggest domestic knock -- also took place in the last decade starting with Chrysler killing Plymouth in 2002. That in 2004. GM stopped making cars under its century old Oldsmobile name plate. Japan's assumes -- accident the US in 2009. As part of its bankruptcy reorganization in 2010. GM killed Pontiac. Hummer and Saturn. And among the latest brands to go Ford's Mercury in 2011. And this year stuff. A follow up to a story we brought to last week. The website allotment reported that about sixteen sister karma luxury plug in hybrids at a New Jersey port. More damaged by fire during the super storms standing. This are looking into that report. Now at least one other auto maker has an investigation on its hands. Toyota confirming in a New York Times article. That a Prius plug in hybrid hard that the same port was also destroyed by fire. And that another Prius plug in heated up in smoldered as did a conventional Prius. A Toyota spokeswoman telling the times the fire quote likely started because salt water got into the electrical system. Meantime this her spokesman Russell -- who says his company isn't sure what happened. Quote but we think being submerged in thirteen feet of salt water. It's something to do with. That is our time today thanks so much for watching. We'll see you tomorrow.

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