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What to Expect From D.C. (11/7/12)

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Wed, 7 Nov 2012|

What to expect in Obama's second term | Dealers win House bids | In Mass., a thumbs-up for 'right to repair'


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Auto angles. We look at what the president's reelection means for the industry. Dealers who were also public servant and the latest on the new flight to repair -- law. That's an auto news now. Thanks for joining us on this Wednesday. I'm Tom -- back. US voters have given president Barack Obama four more years in the White House. A second term that likely will include a familiar automotive agenda. Don't expect major changes to the Obama brokered corporate average fuel economy deal. Which is that annual targets that eventually reach 54 point five miles per gallon by the 20/20 five model year. And supporters believe Obama will stick with the goal of having a million electric vehicles on the road by 25 team. Automotive News Washington reporters gave Nelson says do look for changes in the policies the president will use to reach that one billion mark. It very clear that he wants to extend the the tax credits of 500 dollars right now -- it is budget for fiscal two point thirteen which is starting right now. Said well what only reason to 101000. And you know that may not happen right now related you know spending is going to hurt -- in congress but that's a sign that he's very committed to it. Meantime the Obama administration. That may move forward with other regulatory plans that stalled during the election year. Including a proposed -- -- rule that would require new cars to have back up cameras by 2014. A costly move but one that could save lives. So very soon we could be seeing a final rule that would require the -- of cameras and this will be huge for the industry in terms of. Driving video the video displays in cars in terms of driving camera technology which is a fast growing area. And so -- not only will it change how how cars are are designed but also it it will add a little bit of the cost of the car. Last year the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers. Told the White House the change would cost too much. Eleven million dollars for each of the 200 to 240. Lives today. Just as Democrats kept the White House. Republicans retained a majority in the House of Representatives. And all seven current and former auto dealers on the ballot yesterday prevail. Mostly by comfortable margins it's not easy -- the small business. It's like here and we had standing to balance our budget. Winners included Texas Republican Roger Williams. He's a former Texas secretary of state who runs a Chrysler dodge and Jeep -- store in the suburbs of four war. You watch TV much he's probably thanks. Okay -- -- policy. Among the six incumbents who won gym where they see who's Ohio race featured lots of debates on the auto industry. Where they see owned -- Chevy dealership rejected during the bailout. He defeated labor lawyer Betty Sutton a Democrat who was one of the authors of the cash for clunkers program. I'm here employees expect and checked my performance there. Also in the victory column representative Scott ritual of Virginia who owns Ford and Volvo dealerships. Dealers are actually the ones that have to provide this mr. Chevy dealer Mike Kelly you have Pennsylvania. Representative Vern Buchanan a rejected dodge dealer from Florida. -- Saturn retailer John Campbell of California. And finally Pennsylvania incumbent and former Chrysler dealer bill Shuster. Vote yes on question one appear -- to -- And Massachusetts voters have approved by a wide margin that so called right to repair measure. It requires automakers to provide independent repair shops with the same access to diagnostic tools. That they provide to franchised dealers. Tomorrow on the first shift is there a downside. To high strength steel in cars. Are Jennifer Long Will have the we'll see you back here tomorrow afternoon.

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