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A Deal for Suzuki Dealers (11/8/12)

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Thu, 8 Nov 2012|

Quick cash for retailers who give up franchises, storm claims 15,000 vehicles, another lawsuit filed over Hyundai-Kia MPG.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's -- the addition of first shift I'm Jennifer bond. Coming up breaking down a body of steel. We'll tell you more after these headlines. A bankruptcy judge has given American Suzuki interim approval to Barley as much as 45 million dollars. This as the company shuts auto dealerships. And a revamped motorcycle and boat sales. Bloomberg says American Suzuki Japanese parent company Suzuki motor corporation. Will offer dealers cash payments within ten days if they voluntarily. Scrap their franchise agreements. It's an attempt to avoid a long court battles with the auto makers 216. US retailers. He's Suzuki lawyers saying various state laws normally protect dealers. -- auto manufacturers. Tried to force them to shut down. Hyundai and Kia which had admitted to making bogus fuel economy claims. Had been hit with eighth -- US civil suit seeking class action status. The latest case was filed Tuesday in US central district court in Los Angeles on behalf of 23 playing tests. It -- 775. Million dollars to compensate owners. Who's a resale value is has been damaged by -- played it -- -- -- -- years. This suit states that proposed debit card pay outs to buyers of nearly 900000. Hyundai and he have vehicles. Don't make up for the drop in value. And it needs son at Toyota Honda Chrysler and their dealers. Just scrap more than 151000 new vehicles damaged by super storms candy. Need them alone estimates more than 6000 cars and light trucks are quote un saleable because of the storm. That figure includes infinity. Toyota says -- -- thousand Toyota and Lexus vehicles were at the company is port facility in new York New Jersey when the storm hit. And that just under 3000 and then will likely be scrapped. Another 825. Vehicles into you dealer inventory. Were damaged by CNV inking nappy soul. Honda and Acura dealers expect to have to scrap about 3400 vehicles. Plus 500 US built Honda. For export were -- image at the court. Chrysler it's that it's Steelers lost about 750. Vehicles because of the storm. That report is from Bloomberg. Separately Reuters -- and not lost an undisclosed number of new Chevrolet spark the sub compact sedans. The cars had been shipped to the -- from South Korea. I don't makers are using more advanced high strength steel to cars safer and later. And that's posing a challenge for emergency workers. The first. In a way that -- last. They -- stronger steel grade isn't -- more difficult for some first responders. To free that downs from late model cars in an accident. This deal market development institute. Addressing the issue with this video to EMS crews prepare and be equipped to cut through the material. Our scenario is that that sent her -- is as obstructing. Patient removable and that's when the crew for the first time. Will be confronted with -- working away at the advanced high strength steels battery inside the structure of the B pillar. The demonstration. Done on 811. Nissan Altima. Now in its first shift footnote bill is in a strained a super storms -- relief effort. L financial is offering a ninety day payment deferral programs for customers in affected area. They deal applies to the purchase of 2012 and when he thirteen GM and Chrysler vehicles financed by allies. The program ends January 2. If you're on face but check us out at other slash. And don't forget -- like her -- and we'll see you Friday.

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