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Green, But at What Cost? (11/9/12)

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Fri, 9 Nov 2012|

Study: Cost still a barrier to widespread adoption of electric cars and plug-ins; Aston Martin in play?; Lapham: Suzuki's road.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Green. Vs green. Economics are outweighing ecology. When it comes to electric cars. Auto news now starts that. Thanks so much for looking in on this Friday -- Tom Moore back. US sales of plug in hybrid and pure electric vehicles are rising. But don't expect these cars to gain traction until they make sense for the average of buyer's pocket book. That's the conclusion of a new study by JD power & Associates. Hybrid cars dot com says that this year through October. More than 38000. Cars that plug in had been sold in the US. It's nearly triple the figure from this point last year. But still just 13. Of 1%. Of all US vehicles sold. And power says EVs will remain a very small part of the US market. That is the last auto makers can lower prices. In demonstrate the economic benefits of these cars to consumers. Power says on average owners of pure electric vehicles pay a premium of 101000 dollars. The premium to own a plugin. 161000. That means it would take an average of six point five years to recoup the extra cost of an EV. And eleven years to recoup the cost of a PH TV. -- lot of us -- senior director of the green practice at JD power. Is there's a disconnect between cost savings consumers think. And the reality of how much it cost to own and UV. He says quote current EB owners focus on the emotional benefits of voting electorate vehicle. Which are having a positive effect on the environment. But the Wafer manufacturer's. To take -- to the masters and increased sales. Is to address the economic equation. Power says -- driving range including the availability of charging stations outside the home. Is the number one reason consumers choose not to -- UV's. Number two. Signs. Mostly b.'s are small cars but many consumers considering going electric. One midsize sedan. Former Ford unit Aston Martin whose luxury sports cars are staple and James Bond films. May be up for -- again. Sources telling Bloomberg and Aston Martin's controlling shareholder. Kuwait's investment dar company. Has approached potential buyers. They reportedly include Indian truck maker Mahendra. Aston Martin cars have been featured in eleven bond movies. Including the vintage silver DB five in the latest one sky fall. And in safety news Chrysler is recalling nearly 745000. Jeeps to fix -- part that could cause the air bags to deploy -- inadvertently. The recall covers grand cherokees and liberties from model years 2002. To 2004. Four years that's how long Suzuki has been debating whether to pull out of the North American auto market. This week Suzuki announced it is ending auto sales in just about every corner of the US. Chairman of some of Suzuki saying today his small car lineup was a bad match for the market in ravaged by exchange rate losses. He also ruled out Sunday returning to the US auto market. But the Japanese carmaker is still weighing how to handle operations in Hawaii in Canada. Those businesses were not affected by a November 5 filing. Which put its American distributor into Chapter Eleven bankruptcy. After years of sliding sales. And regional losses. Well it's certainly been a very busy news week wonder what's on the mind of Automotive News executive editor and overlap them. Well the election is finally over and whether you're pleased with the results are mortified. You know I really don't want talk about that but I really wanna talk about -- Suzuki. When Suzuki came to the United States tried Honda approach you know start by selling motorcycles and then later bring in the cars and trucks. It seemed like a great plan at the time. Heck I used to own 1972. Suzuki to stroke motorcycle like this one. But by the time the Suzuki four wheelers -- the US market was overcrowded with cute little Japanese vehicles and there were other issues too. The vehicles we're well OK but they never excelled excited -- became must have rides for the hip and fashionable. And that brand never recovered after the Suzuki samurai which -- by consumer reports which said there were roll over issues. Look I feel bad for the Suzuki dealers are gonna lose their franchises. Just as I sympathize with dealers who -- Saab Hummer Pontiac. Oldsmobile Plymouth and Mercury when those brands were killed. But on the bright side at least we'll still -- Suzuki motorcycles. And Edward -- and that's how I. Thanks added if you weren't where we invite to follow us as auto news TV. Have a great weekend everyone.

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