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Peek Inside Honda R&D (11/12/12)

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Mon, 12 Nov 2012|

A peek inside Honda R&D | Ford truck wows China | Toyota's high-speed safety system


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A growing role in Ohio. More of Honda's research and development is taking place at a big facility in the Buckeye State. What say you block that. Hope you had a nice weekend I'm Tom Moore back. -- -- thirty years of building cars in the US earlier this month. Shortly after the first record rolled off the line in -- back in 1982. A Honda Accord or started take shape in central Ohio. And that includes a sprawling research and development center. Where the pressure is done to engineer new global platforms. In the highly anticipated sports car. More now in part two of our series Honda in Ohio. At third. We not only need to manufacture where we sell. But we need to have the capability to design and develop where we sells well. That's why Marysville plant manager Jeff tomko is thrilled that -- Ferrari fighter. The accurate and SX. Is being engineered about five miles down the road in Raymond Ohio. Not in Japan. It basically said that we are ready. To take on that significant of a challenge to produce the most complex vehicle that -- offers. As an overall product lineup. And development and manufacture here in the United States while it's still unclear which Ohio plant will build the -- acts. That car in the next -- civic. Just a few examples of Honda America taking the lead in a growing list of global vehicle development projects. It's all in an effort to help the auto maker fend off competitive challenges in North America. In hedge against a strong yet. On this Raymond R&D center employs about 2000 people. And while many inside this building spend countless hours developing areas like the look of a vehicle. Which often attracts buyers the car really is sort of a sacrificial. Feature in a car crash. Other associates are alike aren't these safety chief engineer chuck Thomas who in for good reason is obsessed with saving lives. Inside this thirty million dollar test lab you'll find Crash Test Dummies and a crash test barrier facility. Thomas is the staff here ensures every part of a vehicle interior. From a patted headliner to a collapse of -- steering column absorbs. Energy we actually do tests on the instrument panel on the dashboard itself. So if your body or your head were to strike those areas of the vehicle the forces they would produce against your body are low enough that they wouldn't cause serious injury. The US says more than 32000. People died in traffic accidents in 111. That's down from 2010. And Thomas expects that number to continue to drop I hope abiding in my career we can reach a point nine states -- earning more tout his car crash. Honda has had a research and development presence in Ohio since 1987. Next week we'll explore Honda's largest auto engine plant in the world. It's in Ohio. Millimeter wave radar thanks to those full body scanners at the airport you've probably experienced it firsthand and ally yeah. Well Toyota is using this type of radar to keep drivers from crashing into the car in front of that. Today the auto maker announced that it pre collision system helps mitigate even high speed collisions. The system first uses audio and visual alerts to prompt the driver to break if a risk is detected. The system then it doubles the braking force applied by the driver. It can also slow the car down automatically. If the driver fails to hit the brakes. So I guess who's in rapture by the raptor. Ford's special off road version of the F 150 is gaining some big fans. In China. The Detroit news says the truck is -- as much as 160000. Dollars on the gray market there. The US price. 43000. Dollars -- by the way the news this is Ford doesn't officially sell even by special order. The raptor in China. Finally a quick question for dealers do you wanna make your store a better place to work. We can find out how and an Automotive News power trading webinar this coming Thursday at 11 AM Easter. Worker satisfaction expert Peter Burke warfare insights -- gain. In steering last month Automotive News best dealerships to work for event. And dark cars vice president Tammy Darvish will give a Frontline perspective to. For details in -- sign up you can go to audited dot com slash power tree. That is our time for today. Thanks so much for watching everyone we'll see you tomorrow.

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