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The Scion Behind Sergio (11/13/12)

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Tue, 13 Nov 2012|

The scion behind Sergio | Ford's minivan that isn't | Honda's refined Civic


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The man in charge. He's young he's powerful. Any Sergio Marchionne thought. We'll tell you more next on auto news now. Welcome to the newscasts on this Tuesday. I'm Tom Moore back. We'll have that -- story for you in just a moment but first here's what else is making news. Some might say it's a minivan. Just about four. The auto maker announcing plans to bring the compact transit connect wagon to market. Ford is calling it the first seven passenger people mover. It's expected to break the thirty mile per gallon barrier on the highway. Some of the standout features. A panoramic roof. Sliding rear seats to accommodate cargo or passengers with long legs and plenty of storage space. The transit connect wagon set to hit showrooms in the fourth quarter of 2013. NDP says the wagon will appear at the Los Angeles auto show. Press days by the way for that show begin on November 28. Also headed to LA the newly refined one and thirteen Honda Civic. It hits dealerships on November 20 ninth in features more upscale styling than its predecessor. A couple of quick notes out of Europe. French auto maker were annulled offering unions a commitment. To avoid domestic plant closures in return for a new deal on pay. And working conditions. Don't be fooled into blah and the head of the union at Opel says Ford's decision to close three factories and cut 5700 jobs in Europe. Will not serve as a blueprint for restructuring GM's German branch. Cuts at all police says will be much milder. They're quite a study in contrasts. The competition is she -- first there's sixteen year old Sergio Marchionne superstar CEO -- Fiat and Chrysler. You know I'm Reuters describes -- leaders quote rumpled dark and tart -- And then there's this man. Nucleus little morsel financial it was so it's just so it. John -- -- is just 36 years old. Tall and soft spoken. He's this -- of Italy's influential and -- family which controls via. In 2010. He became chairman. You might find help in on the sidelines. Looking on this Fiat favorite CEO. It's surrounded by TV crews. In a special report Reuters reporter Jennifer Clark takes an in depth look at -- examines his sometimes tragic past. It looks at the role he has taken on at the family car company. Yeah yeah we aimless and handle this at the top of his agenda. Deciding just how long his family firm which is a symbol of corporate Italy should remain tied to the troubled economy of its home country. -- answer. Came late last month when Fiat announced it would increase its investments by nearly 50% in the next few years. It will spend billions of dollars to ritual five under used Italian factories. And to push its alpha Romeo and Basra Roddy brands. We have much more and -- in on our website. If you'd like to read the full report you can do so by going to auto Slash health. That is our show for today if you're on Twitter we invite you to follow us at auto news TV. Thanks so much for watching everyone. We'll see you back here tomorrow.

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