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670,000 U.S. Prius Recall (11/14/12)

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Wed, 14 Nov 2012|

Toyota to recall 670,000 Priuses in U.S.| Audi upbeat on sales | GM's Disney redesign


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome -- first trip I'm -- and in this week for Jennifer wrong. Later in the show a Chevrolet design with more than a touch of Disney magic that after your headlines. And we'll start with major safety news out of Toyota. The auto maker will recall two point 77 million vehicles worldwide. Including 670000. Prius hybrids in the United States to fix a possible water pump problem and steering defect. Here's a breakdown. The electric water pump recall covers five models globally for a total of 630000. Vehicles. The steering recall affects ten models worldwide a total of two point 76 million vehicles. And about 620002. Generation Prius is -- covered in all three calls. Bringing the net figure to two point 77 million units. The Prius hybrids recalled in the US a from the 2004. To 2009 model years. All of this coming just a month after Toyota announced its biggest ever single component recall. That call back affected seven point four million vehicles to fix a faulty power window switch. Separately to Lyoto agreed on Tuesday to pay 25 point five million dollars. The -- US shareholder class action lawsuit. That suit accused the company of not disclosing safety and quality issues. Related to recalls and reports of unintended vehicle acceleration in 2010. If approved the settlement would resolve a case that has dogged the Japanese auto maker. Investors began suing Toyota for securities fraud in February 2010. Amid reports of accidents related to unintended acceleration. To -- subsequently recalled up to ten million vehicles at a cost of five billion dollars. German luxury carmaker Audi says it's on track to reach a goal of selling a record one point four million vehicles globally in 2012. And the company expects the momentum to continue into next year. CEO Rupert Stadler telling journalists quote we are successfully performing against the European trend. That report is from Bloomberg. And what about the ultra luxury market. Lamborghini CEO Stephon -- -- says demand for ultra luxury sports cars -- probably not increase next year. Not all the European debt crisis drags on and China's economy slows. We -- telling Bloomberg TV quote. We are very cautious for next year the year crisis is not over. Lamborghini is moving its two point seven million dollar of -- -- a super car in some markets like Singapore and Hong Kong to make up for slower sales. In Europe and China. For years it's been one of the most exciting experiences at Walt Disney World at -- theme park. That test track presented by General Motors. The popular attraction has been closed since April. But behind the scenes teams Disney and Chevrolet have been working on an all new automotive experience. The revamped right titled test track presented by Chevrolet we'll give visitors a closeup look inside a professional design studio. And a chance to design their own vehicles. All this while surrounded by upbeat music and what Disney calls eye popping lighting effects and topping it all off. Of course that famous spin on the test track. Visitors will board so called sim cards that rocket them through hills switch back and straight aways across bumpy roads iced you name it. At speeds of up to 65 miles per hour. The revamped attraction to eighteen months of collaboration. Between Chevy designers and Walt Disney's famous imagine years. That included visits to GM's designs that are near Detroit. The attraction also includes a show room featuring the latest real world vehicles from Chevrolet. The new test track opens on December 6. Finally a first -- fact. One point seven billion that's how many passenger cars are expected to be on the world's roads by the year 2035. And that's double today's figure that estimate from the international energy agency's world energy outlook report. And that is our show join Tom -- back later today for auto news now take care.

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