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Male Drivers on Decline? (11/15/12)

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Thu, 15 Nov 2012|

Male drivers on decline, study says | New Chrysler lender? | GM narrows green focus | How smaller cars hurt Ford


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome first -- I regret her game in for Jennifer -- later on differences between male and female drivers that University of Michigan researchers have discovered. But first we'll start with headlines. Chrysler is an exclusive talks to make the US unit of -- our coasts and time to -- its preferred financing provider. That's what sources are telling Bloomberg they say the bank would be Chrysler's main partner for dealer and customer financing. As you -- ever call Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne said at the Paris auto show in September that some time their holdings USA. And JPMorgan Chase for possible captive lending partners for Chrysler. The automaker said in April that it would let its preferred lender agreement with ally financial. Expired in April of 2013. Chrysler also expected to make a series of investment announcements today. It will likely make official plans to invest nearly 200 million dollars in the Mack one engine plant in Detroit. The cash infusion would help boost production of the V6 had just our engine and create 250. Additional jobs. The Detroit Free Press says Chrysler will also reveal plans to add a third crew about a thousand workers to the nearby Warren truck factory. That to increase production of the ram 15100 pick up. And as we told you earlier this week Chrysler plans a forty million dollar expansion of it's Trenton engine plants. Which is also in suburban Detroit. General Motors future green car efforts will focus on plug in hybrids and electric vehicles rather than conventional hybrid power trains. That word coming from product chief Mary -- She says GM has narrowed its emphasis in an effort to defend a leadership position in -- with the Chevrolet Volt plug in hybrid. She says that by 2017. GM expects to sell half million vehicles a year globally with some form of electrification. Ford says its record profit margins are shrinking in North America as buyers downsized from trucks to small cars. Mark fields Ford's president of the Americas said that over time the -- will cut Ford's North American margins to between 8% and 10%. That's down from 12%. In the third quarter. Fields quoted by Bloomberg as he addressed the Barclays Capital conference. Also addressing the conference -- senior VP of automotive operations. Bob Carter he said -- go to expects its US market share to climb back above 15% and 2013. -- a string of redesigned vehicles arrives. The -- go to Lexus and Scion brands have a combined US market share up fourteen point 4% through October. Up from twelve point six a year earlier Carter adding that we go to will keep its fleet sales below 10%. Of total -- him. I just strategically because at below 10% this big leader in the market. But it doesn't affect to resell value to our retail value does. There's an important part of the target of. Carter also announced that we go to what export its US build -- a cross over to South Korea the first time in the vehicle will be sold. Outside North America. While all young and middle aged men and women are less likely to have a driver's license today. Then in 1990s. The proportion of male motorists is declining at a higher rate. According to U of -- research. The researchers found that in 1995. Male drivers outnumbered female drivers in each age group up to seventy. But today that's true only up to age 45. Also the percentage of license to -- decreased from 1995 to 2010. For those younger than sixty. For females the decline was only among those younger than fifty. Researchers say it likely cause is a rise in electronic communication such as cell phones and Internet which are used more by men. Meaning that tech savvy don't have to drive to keep in touch with friends and family. Separately females are more likely than males to purchase smaller safer and more fuel efficient vehicles. They drive less and tend to have a lower fatality rate. Her distance -- The researchers predicted that trend likely will continue increasing demand for smaller safer more fuel efficient vehicles. And finally a first shift footnote. BMW of North America has announced that the company is developing a two man bobsled that will be used by teen USA. In the 24 -- winter when -- And that entire show thanks so much for watching we'll see you tomorrow.

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