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Hyundai Helping Honda? (11/16/12)

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Fri, 16 Nov 2012|

Hyundai's MPG misstep helping Honda? | Awaiting a truck boom | Peek at Fiat 500 EV | Toyota teases '13 RAV4


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A bright side. What Hyundai is fuel economy woes could mean for rival auto makers. That's next. Welcome back on this Friday I'm Jason Stein and -- Automotive News. Tom -- back is on assignment. Could Hyundai and his misfortune put Honda back on top as the nation's most fuel efficient car company. The Korean brands are trying to regroup after admitting they sold 900000 vehicles for the when he eleven to 2013 model years with overstated mileage ratings. And Bloomberg reports that no other auto makers stands to benefit more from that messed up. Then Honda. Research firm strategic vision says Hyundai sales could slide as much as 11%. In the next few months. Jake Fisher director of automotive testing for consumer reports telling Bloomberg quote the timing is beautiful for Honda. He said Honda had been seen as falling behind in fuel economy rather than keeping up with Hyundai and others for May also be in good position to gain some green credibility. That according to Edmunds dot com analyst Jessica Caldwell. You can read more on this story on our website auto 1000 new jobs and a third through and Warren truck assembly plant in march of 2013. Yesterday we told you about Chrysler's plan to crank up production. Of its redesigned ram 15100 pick up. -- timing could be spot on the Associated Press says auto companies are looking at a rise in home construction. And betting that a surgeon pick up sales will follow up another thing driving sales according to Ford executive mark fields it's pent up demand almost. 53%. Of the full -- pick up. Al -- the inventory is greater than ten years old. Fields speaking earlier this week at an investor conference. Moving on out other news a German court has rejected a wrongful dismissal suit brought by former Mercedes-Benz USA chief -- -- fired the 57 year old in October of last year this amid claims that he improperly used company money to upgrade his New Jersey home. -- attorney tells a German newspaper that he plans to appeal. Let's turn not a product news -- rugged five -- -- Really -- to stand out and here's a look at the new 2013 crossed or from Honda. An update of the vehicle Honda used to call me a court across -- Honda says the car has undergone extensive updates for 2013. They include what Honda described as more purposeful exterior styling. And more powerful V6 engine. On is also drop the price by 525 dollars the based model will start at just over 27000. Dollars excluding shipping. And sales begin November 20. Chrysler releasing the first images of the all electric Fiat 500. The 500 he will premiere on the green carpet at this Sunday's American music awards. You may remember that's the same show where singer Jennifer Lopez appeared onstage with a 500 last year. The 500 he goes on sale in California and 2013. It'll be unveiled later this month at the LA auto show. The LA show will also mark the world debut of the fourth generation Toyota -- four. Toyota releasing this teaser video Thursday. And you're looking at the 2012 Porsche Cayman the LA times as Porsche will trot out a 2014 version of the sports bar at the show. And that's our show for today. Have a good weekend everyone Tom will be back Monday. We'll see you.

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