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Betting on Natural Gas (11/19/12)

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Mon, 19 Nov 2012|

General Motors, Chrysler try retail sales of CNG trucks; General Motors, Ally; NHTSA exec going to Google.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to urged him for the Monday I'm Jennifer bond. Coming up in different weight to fuel pick up sounds we'll explain after your headlines. Is a done deal. According to the Wall Street Journal General Motors is expected to disclose today. That it will YL -- financials European and Latin America and China auto lending operations. The price about for a billion dollars the journal citing people familiar with the matter. Reuters report last week that a deal might be -- for L and amp cents which yen as the likely we better. Auto maker has been rebuilding its finance operations. In 2010 it -- sub prime lender AmeriCredit. Ally once known as you may see is GM's former auto lending arm. Both companies are partly owned by the US government. The Obama administration provided may 23 systems. With nearly one million dollars on that day that's probably battery maker filed for bankruptcy. That's what the company has told it to Republican lawmakers. Probing its copper mine ran. An -- of lithium ion batteries for much of cars file for Chapter Eleven last month. This after a rescue deal which Chinese auto parts supplier once young group fell apart. That day October 16. A 23 you received a payment of just under 947000. Dollars. That disbursement was part of 8249. Million dollar clean energy grant from the Energy Department. And look is getting behind the wheel of driver -- cars. Ron Medford then number two official at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Will we -- posed at the end of November. He's elated to become its safety director for that not starting car project. -- goal. Really when he 500. Chevrolet Silverado 2500. GMC 2500. By years and US retail buyers will be able to get all three of these medium duty pick us. In compressed natural gas versions. Along with Honda civics in -- passenger car. They will be the only PNG field vehicles being sold any US retail buyers. Chrysler and GM are betting that a glut of natural gas has stripped -- prices so much. That people only motivated to purchase vehicles -- buy it. That's despite that found that vehicles powered by natural gas have they have dear price tag. Then they're gasoline powered -- hearts. GM's CNG is -- -- stickers for more than 43000. Dollars including shipping. That's 111000 more than -- bass club also Paronto. That truck is actually a Bob I feel -- coal. It's quick from gasoline natural gas one engine breaches certain temperature. Why does -- 2500. CNG is designed to travel 255. Miles -- natural gas power. People are switching over to a conventional Henne V8 engine. Feel -- gasoline. The makers are building Dan -- -- com. Dealerships like mark -- shark away and Norman Oklahoma say. They're starting to get inquiries. Heights expects interest from small business owners who worked the State's oil and gas industry. And now first shift footnote. CNG vehicles do you take off where buyers get fuel. Chesapeake Energy has an idea. The Oklahoma based company is working with General Electric and whirlpool. An 800 dollar appliance. That would let people fuel -- back home. The Wall Street Journal says the appliance would fit into homeowners a rise and looking to you came natural gas line. That is our show -- think so much for watching we'll see you tomorrow.

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