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Tesla Victory in Mass. (11/21/12)

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Wed, 21 Nov 2012|

Dealers set back in bid to curtail EV store; GM funds e-buses; Ford CNG kit; Lessons learned from dealership fire


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning and welcomed Wednesday's first shift I'm Jennifer bond. In few years lessons learned when all of us up in smoke that story coming up. But we'll begin with headline. Run the run for Tesla. In Massachusetts judge has denied a request for an injunction against your electric vehicle maker. The state dealers association. And some individual dealers. Had asked the court to prohibit a two month old store in suburban Boston from operating normally. They're October a lawsuit against Tesla. The company own task like Al lead had violated the State's licensing and consumer protection and franchise lives. Massachusetts is among the states that prohibit actually -- stores. Tesla says showroom staff members simply steer interest that shoppers to the company website. Has the lawsuit proceeds. The dealers are pondering their next fat. Meanwhile a company spokeswoman Shannon Hendrix says quotes. Looks forward to continuing to focus on advancing the knowledge of EB. Any convenient. Accessible environments. General Motors is making its second investment in -- Carolina maker of battery electric buses. That quickly recharge. Venture capital unit to GM ventures. Is one of seven companies that contributed a total of 23 million dollars to bus firm prepare. That featuring news says GM ventures chair wasn't -- close -- GM ventures provided six million dollars of 830 million dollar joint investment in pro Tehran last year. And I and on Monday we told you -- Chrysler and G and had begun retail sales of pick up trucks. Powered by compressed natural gas. But what you're a die hard -- theories span. For a Tel plus it not per say prop K Beck can convert its -- series super duty and chanting can't pick up to -- natural gas. And -- even provides warranties on conversions. Done by designated -- dollars. For a deal Carl Carrey all and his employees. October 3 is that hey don't ever forget it. That's when an electrical problem in the first department sparked -- morning blaze at Terry L shark only Buick GMC store. In fort Kent Maine. They damage as you can see devastating and luckily no one got hurt. But in the -- smoke and rubble -- fireproof vault built in the 1920s. Still standing. Critical documents inside saint. That's just want practiced other dealerships can learn from. Some other lessons carry all learned looking back. Enough insurance. And -- -- boxes on vehicles which they master heat for quick access. He's fed up with chaos when employees attempted to move. And nearly 200 new and used vehicles and stop trying to figure out which he went to which car. Another lesson keep a good inventory of all schools with insurance to cover them. And sure vital information on the computer and backed up. The computer server was the first -- serial ground out and because at that he was able to reopen business off site big day after her. He estimates this total monetary loss at 2.5 million dollars including the building. Finally another lesson. -- just be good to customers he says take care of your employee used because they're going take take care of you. Thank you for watching first shift and we're off tomorrow and Friday -- Thanksgiving holiday. Enjoy the rest of your week.

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