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Toyota Still Resale King (11/26/12)

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Mon, 26 Nov 2012|

Toyota, Lexus have highest projected values; Volkswagen steps up investments in pursuit of sales title; Hyundai-Kia backlash?


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We welcome -- in on -- Monday puppy had a good holiday weekend and Jennifer bond. What brands top and resale value will tell you after these headlines. Here are some of the top stories making news over the long holiday weekend. Volkswagen planning to invest nearly 65 billion dollars in the next three years. That German auto maker accelerating plans that are just -- to help -- become the world's largest carmaker. Like 28 team. VW is expanding its presence outside -- Bill are planning new factories and markets such as China Mexico and Russia. It is also stepping up investments in products and technology. To consolidate its lead over its European rivals. CEO Martin winner -- seeing quotes. Despite the challenging economic environments. We're investing more -- never before to reach our long term goals. As expected G financial agreed to pay about four point two billion dollars. For the European and Latin American auto lending operations. Of ally financial. General Motors says the purchase should increase its sales in those regions. Ally is the former financing arm at GM and was once known as GM Macy's. Auto maker has been gradually rebuilding its finance operations. In selling a controlling stake in GMAC. To private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management. In 2006. You us consumers have become less willing to buy cars from Hyundai and Kia. Since that's not curry an auto makers admitted overstating the fuel economy -- some of their vehicles. That's according to data from Edmunds dot com. For example the website says the so called purchase intent. Dropped one point nine percentage points for that Kia soul in zero point four points for the Hyundai lot dropped from October 28. To November 18. The -- trot is one form models that were falsely touted as forty mile per gallon cars. The other three models Hyundai is lost her an accent and he is -- Rio also suffered declines in purchase intent. And Ford will offer a miniaturized version of its my Ford touch infotainment system and it went fourteen PS. Instead of the eight inch touch screen found in some other Ford models the fiesta -- used a six point oh inch screens. The car is also getting an updated version of sync. That features simplified commands. An improved voice recognition. For the second straight year -- like this topic Kelley blue -- annual and that's resale value list. The brands have the highest projected values among mainstream and -- three brands after the first five years of ownership. Take a look at the top ten models. Four from Toyota and one from my -- is making up half a list. -- -- -- It's not surprising that Korea has a great light up. And many of its vehicles. Do extremely well. What as used vehicles and as a result it shows up again. There -- residual bad. KBP says an average 1213 model year vehicles will retain 38 point 6% of its original value. Five years from now. As for -- O'Donnell. 44%. And Lexus is projected at 43 point 7%. The projections take into account such factors as market conditions. And sent me competition. We'll leave you now with a first shift but note more than 100 million new car sales. We're now operating chief Carlos Tavarez. Critics the global auto market will reach that -- by 20/20. And that despite the current stagnation in your -- -- -- and says last year's global sales 788 million. That is their time for now come more back and other news now come your way this afternoon. We'll see you tomorrow.

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