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Chrysler Marketing Mavens (11/26/12)

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  9. industry leader3:35
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Mon, 26 Nov 2012|

How French native helped Detroit company ride wave of patriotism; VW's Winterkorn tops all-stars; cars and 'Cyber Monday.'


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Advantage Chrysler. The story of one automaker's rise of marketer of me here. And the French visionary who helped make it all possible that's that. It is -- back to work Monday thanks so much for looking in I've Tom Moore back. It is arguably one of the biggest comeback stories in recent automotive history. If you -- Chrysler marketing chief Olivier Francoise how it all began. He would point to this that. This our new son was imagined. It's. Enforced here in America. Called the things we make to make us it was France was first commercial for the Jeep Grand Cherokee. People just trying a little something about. It marked a new thing for the auto maker. A dual message about the rebirth of Chrysler and the pride of being an American. In more specifically. About being from Detroit. Well we don't pull together. Now motor city is fighting again. So how's the message working. -- Chrysler has just been named marketer of the year by our sister publication advertising age. To really gauge Chrysler's success just look at the numbers when Fred -- took over marketing back in 2009. Chrysler's US market share was eight point 9%. It now stands at eleven point 5%. Sales have risen 31 straight months in Chrysler's brand loyalty rate as measured by RL pole. It is doubled since the third quarter of 2009. It now stands at 30%. The man behind the message is a fifteen year old French native who previously ran Fiat lunch or Brad. He repulsive staying in the hotel room on his first trip to Detroit. Watching Monday and car commercials. Easy small successes. Folders. You really are any more on -- innings. And you. More impressive to friends want the city itself which he said had a bigger story to tell than any cup -- could. Speaking in almost poetic terms he often compares Chrysler's determination to come back with that of the motor city. Detroit's this golf. Sometimes. -- -- sit here behind a brave face. But it never gives up and never become soft so it's -- is made out of concrete and steel. He tells ad age that consumers are far more likely to be engaged by a good story. And by a catalog of information. You can read more about Chrysler in France -- on our website. Auto One man who works with Trent Lott is sideshow hop he CEO of the Chrysler and lunch -- brands. Thanks to ActiveX Super Bowl its board of fire and halftime in America. Should -- is that it's one -- well Automotive News advertising all star. In this week's print edition we're putting the spotlight on the men and women in this industry who are standing out from the crowd. That includes -- Hobbs boss Sergio Marchionne who is the CEO North America all star. Our industry leader of the year in -- Europe all star is Volkswagen group's -- winter war. The group's global sales and market share in 2012. Both up. Winter -- is steering the twelve brand group to become the world's biggest and most profitable auto maker by 28 feet. Other big names like Lance Ito in Farley are on the all star list to. Complete rundown at the end of our newscasts. Some automakers are getting in on the Cyber Monday action. VW is offering selected driver here items at 50% off. We're talking stuff like T shirts and hats. If you won similar apparel from Chrysler and its imported from Detroit -- shipping. Is free today. It is estimated that this year's Cyber Monday will be the biggest online shopping day of the year for the third year in a row. But before you pull out your credit card. Please stay with us for a few more moments as we leave you with their -- well Automotive -- all stars the great list. Take care we'll see you tomorrow.

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