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Ewanick Lands at Fisker (11/27/12)

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Tue, 27 Nov 2012|

Ousted GM exec is interim head of sales, marketing; EV fun for Chevy?; sales optimism; dual Honda win; Mazda's upscale goal.


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Thanks for stopping in -- Tuesday I'm Jennifer bond. Must move upscale we'll hear from the companies the hill later on now today's had lines. Joseph EY -- has a new job at least temporarily. GM's former global marketing boss is moving to -- automotive. As interim chief of global sales and marketing. You wine maker will we're pleased that Richard Beattie who announced his retirement Monday. Fister says he won it has been a marketing consultant to the plug in hybrid maker for at least six weeks. You'll still be eighty's role until a full time replacement is me. -- a veteran of Ford Mustang and jaguar was hired by -- her as its chief commercial officer of last December. Like he -- make this here's CEO Tony -- month came from aging and General Motors fired he won it in July. Over the handling of a controversial. Sponsorship deal with English soccer club Manchester United. GM says its launching the electric version of the shoveling spark at mini car. As they green to drive option for urban dwellers. It's not says product chief Mary -- to check a regulatory box. G and has -- the car with techno -- and pat. Which is hopeful that the spark EV apart from rivals such as a Honda Fit Mitsubishi high and forthcoming Fiat 500. That car will be unveiled this week at a Los Angeles auto show. And launch this summer in California. For a -- Canada in Korea. Among that tacky features in a spark. And it taxed. Yeah yeah. And -- my only infotainment system that starting early next year will integrate with theory. The voice recognition system on Apple's iPhone four as an iPhone 5. They shabby sonic LTD and RS will also -- theory. Wells Fargo has raised its forecast for November US auto sales. Analyst rich wants now expects sales to hit it seasonally adjusted annual rate. In the height fourteen million to low fifteen million range. His previous four counts then -- at fourteen million range. One reason for the uptick. Demand to replace vehicles. What are other analysts same. It would be the highest of a year talking September's fourteen point nine million. Edmunds dot com predicts a star in the mid high fourteen million range. And want other quick note as we said yesterday between know and -- as have again scored highest in retail value is. As measured by Kelley blue book. LG is out with it's taken -- residual values. And topping that list Honda in the mainstream category. And you're not in the premium category. -- I had the most individual segment awards. Mazda is repositioning itself as -- more premium brand says that's chief executives take Hershey Domenici. This in an Africa's that it fell apart from its Japanese rivals and other mass market brands. Yamaguchi is looking to boost annual sales in the US -- 43%. Over the next four years. As for the near term. I don't want to the hole that next here every county record sales. Because -- we have did you -- -- apple products that he's never seen before in recent years. This 67 year old is count on the third generation monstrous six midsize sedans to lead the way it hits showrooms in January. Must -- will stress key elements of its new line up including. It's acted technologies. And -- design language which debuted in this X by crossover. In addition the company will put -- emphasis -- minimize incentives. And higher residual values. Month is forecasting 280000. US sales for this fiscal year and 400000. Inferred 2016. Mazda hadn't seen US numbers in that territory. Since 1986. When it sold a record 380000. Vehicles. -- knew she speaking through an interpreter. Recently sent down with our -- cardinal in Tokyo. Thanks so much for watching -- a file was on Twitter at first underscores yet take care.

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    Movie had a good holiday weekend I'm Jennifer bond coming up. In November US auto sales preview with Jesse Snyder. But first let's get you caught up with a way to headline. Today is the last day of Ford's friends and neighbors promotion. That's significant because the program with opposed to run through January 4. For a acting the sale after offers failed to resonate with consumers as much as more traditional year and spit offered by competitors. Friends and neighbors started November 3. If promoted in the ideal setting a no haggle price within about 200 dollars a dealer invoice. Ford hoped the program we generate strong sales to close that 2015. A year in which its US market share has been flat. But some forecasts show before its November share its plant from a year earlier and down from October. The automaker says new holiday and that is that begin tomorrow. A German newspaper on Sunday of reporting that will play against top bosses knew a year ago. That's some of the company's vehicles were less fuel efficient. Then had been officially stated. In early November VW said it understated the level of CO2 emissions and fuel usage. In about 800000 vehicles worldwide. The investigation initially focused on software on up to eleven million diesel vehicles globally. That VW admitted it was designed to cheat and missions tat. However that built on on time report contradicts VW's claim that it only uncovered the false CO2 issue. It's part of the company's effort to resolve the diesel emissions scam. Which became public in September. He VW spokesman declined to comment. Fiat Chrysler is recalling more than 161000. At 2015 Rand Paul master bands in the U last. To repair ignition contacts. The usually caused intermittent power loss to the vehicle's electrical that stunts. At CA is unaware of adding related injuries or accidents. And finally and on the news has made in uncommon pick for the annual industry leader of the year. It's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration chief mark rose kind. For more on our roster of 2015 all stars visit on the Want clean you out the auto sales are reported tomorrow. Jesse Snyder says no more sleeping November. Jesse what's different. To avert the. A couple of changes first the sales paces building after a frigid start. In February we worried about any growth after toward autumn. Were fine. Second November's changed. Once a breather before the December dashed now holiday discounts come early. Black Friday pricing. On Thanksgiving. But November 1. Trump card had been fees selling rate well above eighteen million Kelley blue book and Allen's seat power below eight. Unit forecast all well above the 1230000. Autos sold in November 2000 the record year. Can we beat 2000. Bidders a challenge. In round numbers seventeen point four million is the full year target. Through ten months 4015 is 420000. Units behind the record pace. If November comes and today a 100000328. Still 330000. Behind with one month ago. But December 2000 was pokey. A million to 44. Slowest December this century. To get to save seventeen for ten and the full year record. Would take a record December. Of a 100000580. Call it 5% higher than December 2014. So a last lap come back. Yeah. All of my bottom line is a baseball analogy. Player on first hit up the gap I'm even the runner home they'll be a play at the plate. But I think when he fifteen. Sets a new record. Jennifer. Things just seem to remember to stay with auto all day tomorrow for the latest sales figures. Finally today marks the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of the landmark book unsafe at any speed by Ralph Nader. The consumer advocate recently spoke with our Richard true it to discuss some of the industry's current issues such as self driving cars. It's really needs to. The emerging. Great hazard on the highway which is distracted driving. Will have much more with Nader later today under afternoon show on the news now stick around for that. First ship returns tomorrow morning take care.

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