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Interiors shine in L.A. (11/27/12)

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Tue, 27 Nov 2012|

Big debuts ahead for Ford Connect Transit Wagon, revamped Civic; Honda's line of defense; wins for Caddy, Ram and Tesla.


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Inside information. You'll have to look past machine battle to see what's generating buzz at the Los Angeles auto show this year we'll explain. It's good to see you on this Tuesday I'm Tom -- back. Press preview days begin tomorrow at the Los Angeles auto show. And journalists are already saying it's what's inside the vehicle that matters this year. Take for example Ford's transit connect wagon. The blue global won't call -- minivan but we will. This seven passenger vehicle features of sliding doors and enough inside space to hold some 270. Soccer balls. But will -- turn the heads of dodge grand caravan and toyotas the other owners. It goes on sale late next year. All eyes will be on the Honda Civic redo. -- over called the redesign 2012 civics interior lay out in materials seen here were panned by many. The updated 2013 version seen here as a new instrument panel and senator cluster. The mid cycle change has some exterior touch ups as well. And the redesigned 2014 of the Subaru Forester crossover is expected to be ruling here than its predecessor. Meantime electric vehicles are in LA 20. Including the Chevy spark EV. Among other things it tips from zero to sixty in less than -- sector. The spark is definitely an urban car because of its size and maneuverability -- -- in this city. What we found with -- and we very much expect that the Sparky -- is that we'll also have an early adopters typed fire. Someone who is aware of technology who's interested. In reducing their dependence on foreign oil and those type of things. Last check a total of eighteen production vehicles and three concepts will be shown in LA. We'll have complete coverage of the show throughout the week on this program. And for shift. Even as it enjoys our resurgence in US sales. Honda is making sure it can weather any downturns. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal CEO pocket noble -- his Honda is securing its factories to operate profitably. Even if the automaker has far more capacity than it means. Honda's goal to make money even if plants are running at just 70%. Of capacity. Honda's North American plants -- 90%. Capacity in the first half of the year the journal reports. In 2011 that figure fell to just 68%. It's time to dealt with supply problems stemming from natural disasters in Asia. American Honda's US sales. Are up 23%. This year in a market that's up 14%. The Cadillac ATS has been named the twentieth thirteen urban car of the year. That honor coming from decisive magazine. That truck of the year of the ram 15100. And in the green category the electric Tesla model less came out on top. The urban vehicles of the year will be honored in January at the urban wheel awards and an annual event takes place just prior to the opening. Of the Detroit auto show. Before we leave you today Automotive News is hosting an online open house next week December 3 through the nine. Stories and auto Will be available to anyone registered at auto Normally only paid subscribers have full access. To check out everything our website has to offer. Look for the subscribe slash free account button at the top of the home page. Or type in auto Slash enterprise. And please be sure to join Jennifer Vaughn and first shift. Tomorrow morning have a good one.

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